Day 9 – A Photo I Took

All About Me  In 30 Days – Day 9

OH this one is so easy for me, it is the one photo I have taken that I most love, because it doesn’t look like someone without a clue about photography took it.  I didn’t plan it, just turned around in my chair while at breakfast one  morning in Jamaica and snapped it.

We were in Jamaica, Oracabessa to be exact, at a very beautiful estate called Golden Clouds for a wedding.  We were there for 7 glorious days in what is the closest thing to Paradise I have ever found.  I was eating breakfast one morning on the terrace and just took the picture. No plan, no attempts to get anything in particular in the shot, and this is what I ended up with!  I submitted it a few years back to Kate Dot Net for use as a wallpaper and she used it for the August calendar wallpaper that year.  I’ve used it as my computer background in summer for years when I’m longing for the ocean.


  1. My main snapshot lives in my heart, spirit – the total embodiment of who I am – what I am. What is it? Just like you turned around – actually looked up from my drink – seeing the glimmers of sunshine dancing on the tips of the ocean. Where was I? Of course leaning over the bar at Delroys. Ahh . . . Those memories have made me more of what I can give. Does that make sense?
    Each day I bring something special to the table. I reach out hoping somebody will grab my hand. I look for that spirit – that glimmers – in the eyes of my partners who share this wonderful world with me. Wow! Are we so fortunate to be in the hands of God?
    Merry Christmas Marti. May his grace – his Caribbean love settle into the very soul of you.

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