Day 8 – A Photo That Makes Me Angry/Sad

All About Me In 30 Days – Day 8

Today’s photo could be one that makes me angry or sad.  I went through the countless photos I have looking for ones that brought either reaction.  Oddly enough none really made me angry, but a number of them made me just a little sad.  Oh I smile when I see them, but my heart is a little blue when I think about them.  And once again there are many as opposed to one, I can never pick just one of anything so I’ll share a few and the story behind them.

If you click them you can see each full size.

This photo was taken after we returned from the emergency room.  This is my son sporting these lovely injuries.  His top two middle teeth are broken off leaving behind roughly 1/3 of one and 1/4 of the other though he refused to smile.  Thankfully the next morning was a Friday and our dentist spent several long hours rebuilding them and when it was all said and done no one would ever know. There are about 6 stitches in his chin, 2 broken arms (the swelling had to go down before they could cast them) and enough abrasions to make it in the running for ‘Road Rash Poster Child’ of that year.  He flipped his bike when his sister stopped suddenly in front of him.  Up until this time he had never been seriously injured (his guardian angels worked in tag teams thankfully).  He is 12 here and it always makes me a little sad when I see it because he was in a lot of pain and no mama wants to see their child suffering.

This is a photo of my daughter (far right) and her 3 friends (left to right: Jackalyn, Jenna and Rebecca).  My daughter is about 14 in this photo, her friends a bit younger.  I referred to them as my daughter and the impostor  daughters 1, 2 and 3,  because they all called me mom.  This group would spend the night on the weekends and never sleep, but the laughter and giggles would go on the entire time.  I loved those times, I’d laugh listening to them all laughing.  I get a little sad because they are all growing up (my baby is 20 now) and the fearsome foursome no longer are friends.  I miss those days a lot at times.

This photo of my daughter and Jenna makes me very sad.  For years Jenna was a nearly constant weekend presence in our home and in summer sometimes days on end.  And she is hilarious, her sense of humor is rich and free flowing.  She and Liesl would be laughing non-stop and again, the giggles were contagious and kept us laughing.  Jenna referred to my husband, Pete, as Stevie though there was never any explanation for that.  Something went wrong between the two about 2 years ago and they stopped talking.  It broke my heart to see Jenna longing for my daughter’s forgiveness and friendship, something that never has come about.  I always pray this will some day be forgotten and the two will become friends again.

These two photos make me smile, laugh, and get a little sad all at the same time.  From left to right is my brother, Mike (#3 in birth order), me, my sister, Jeannette (#4, aka: Diva Boo), and my brother, George (#2, aka: Yatz).  This was a number of years back, about 5 now I’m thinking.  It makes me smile because I dearly love my siblings and most of the time we have a lot of laughs together, like in the photos.   It also makes me sad that we do not get to spend as much time together as I would like, with everyone having jobs, kids to raise, a lives to live.

The writing prompts for photos are always fun, I  love walking down memory lane every once in a while, it makes me appreciate the blessings in my life, and of those I have many!


  1. I love memories… but sometimes it made me sad… there’s a lot of memories i wish I’m still having still right now… but people change.. the world change..feelings and emotions change..and we can’t really hold on to everything..we wanted

  2. That first picture made me cringe and almost cry!!
    Also, I had “surrogate parents” and while some of those friendships faded and many of the parents passed away, I wonder if they have thought about me from time to time.
    Based on your post, I would have to say they probably do… and that makes me smile. Thanks for the open look into your life.

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