Day 6 – 20 Of My Favorite Things

All About Me In 30 Days – Day 6

20 Of My Favorite Things

Hmm…okay since this is about THINGS and not people..I guess I’ll stick to things.  BUT Mr. TSASA/Wonderful is at the top of my over all favorites list, but he is a people.

SO..things…in no particular order of importance, just as I think of them, but not limited too:

  1. UDF Homemade Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream – YUM!
  2. Snuggies – yes I own 2 and I LOVE mine and don’t care who knows.
  3. Chipotle Mexican Grill – specifically a chicken or steak burrito bowl w/rice, black beans, corn salsa and light cheese…oh chips on the side.
  4. Dark chocolate, in fact just hand me the bag of Nestle Toll House Chips and I’m happy!
  5. Lavendar roses.
  6. My Bible.  It is 27 years old but so full of notes and highlights that when needed I’ll have it rebound rather than buy a new one.
  7. My electric blanket.  It makes it rather difficult to get out of bed in the morning but I love it.
  8. Fresh, crisp, clean sheets on the bed!  Nothing beats crawling in when the bedding is freshly changed.
  9. A warm fire in the fire place, not only for the heat properties but the over all atmosphere it inspires.
  10. Eggnog shakes from UDF..only available during the Christmas season so it makes them extra special.
  11. Crocheting – I LOVE to make blankets, especially in winter when the project keeps me warm while I work on it.
  12. Books!! I love to read and love curling up with a good book.  Even better if while reading to curl up with someone special.
  13. Good night phone calls from Mr. Wonderful/Awesome/TSASA, the best part of settling in for the night is getting to talk to him before closing my eyes to sleep.  🙂
  14. Fresh from the oven, soft and gooey chocolate chip cookies with walnuts…YUM!!!
  15. Peanut butter crackers…yum!  Peanut butter on Ritz crackers is so good!
  16. My BlackBerry phone….I LOVE MY PHONE!!!!
  17. My bedroom…it is my little haven and nest, my safe place, enclosed in my favorite house that surrounds and protects me with its walls and the love of my mom, sister and nieces.
  18. My laptop.  My PC rocks, I love it.  The best part was that I made the choice, all by myself to buy it simply because I wanted it!  There are few things in this world that I want, but that was one of them.
  19. Jammies! I love pajamas, I have a serious addiction to them.  Not for sleeping in, just for lounging around the house. I love them!
  20. The soft purr of my kitten in my ear when I’m first waking up and she is so excited when she realizes I’m going to be getting out of bed soon.