Day 4 – My Favorite Book

All About Me In 30 Days – Day4

Seriously???? I have to pick just ONE? IMPOSSIBLE!

I LOVE to read and it would be impossible to pick out one book that stands above the others as my favorite.  Instead I can list a bunch of them that I really loved reading, some that I have reread and others I will read again when time allows.

The entire Harry Potter series, it was great!

The Dark Series books by Christine Feehan, those are just awesome and I want a man like that as a life mate! (well I found the man it is the life mate part that I can only dream about for now!)

The Twilight Series – yes, good bunch of books, not FAB but good!

Bamboo & Lace by Lori Wick – a very very good, Christian romance author and that is one of my favorites of hers.

Pretense – also by Lori Wick, totally amazing but be warned you will need tissues handy to read that one!