Spiritual Lessons I’ve Learned From My Cat

On my 47th birthday this year, my sister, Diva Boo, decided I needed something or someone to love and care for in order to help my shattered heart to heal.  I was in the middle of a divorce and she felt a kitten would be the best band-aid of all.  She found a rescue kitten (our favorite breed of animal is Rescue), a little black one with white spots on her tummy.  She and her siblings were born and left in a sewer, and after several days someone rescued them and bottle fed the little darlings.  Only 3 survived, mine and 2 males.  Our home is all women, me, mom, my sister, 2 nieces and a full grown tabby cat.  At 4 weeks old and having been completely bottle fed, this little baby was going to need some love.  The rescuers had weened her, and she was very small at 4 weeks.  I named the little, furry black dot ‘Pixel’, thinking of a computer graphic pixel.  The vet informed me that bottle kittens will either bond tightly or shun humans, and I’m happy to report she bonded to me.  In fact for months her favorite place to sleep was against my face or around my head. I’m highly allergic to cats, it has been an adventure but thanks to allergy meds we’re a team.

Pixel has taught me some important life lessons that I will cover in another blog, but I was able to see the spiritual lessons as well.


*First thing when waking up, bathe yourself.  She does this every morning when she first wakes up.  Lesson: Clear your heart and mind to meditate on the Lord before you do anything else, and greet Him in prayer.

*Now, a good long stretch is in order, from her tail to her ears.  Lesson: Stretch or expand your heart, soul and mind toward heaven in thankfulness for another day ahead to serve Him.

*Then she snuggles up to me and purrs.  Lesson: meditate for a few moments on Christ, allow your heart to purr with joy in the Lord.

*Food – it is a wonderful delight, rush to the bowl, but eat slowly and savor it! Lesson:  Approach the Word early to feed your soul, read slowly, prayerfully and purposefully.

*Play time! Wrestling daily with the other cats keeps your skills up in case of a real fight.  Lesson:  You need to be in the Word daily, studying it, to arm yourself against the battles of temptation that will come your way. You cannot fight the good fight if you are not well armed.

*Bathe yourself before going to sleep.  She always does this while sitting on the pillow before bed every night.  Lesson: Before putting your head on the pillow, clear out your mind of the day and pray again, asking forgiveness where needed and praising the Lord for the blessings of that day.

*Nothing beats a LONG, deep sleep for good kitty cat health!  Lesson: resting in the Lord is the only way to keep your soul and heart healthy!


  1. I love this. I wish that everyday I could find inspiration and faith in at least one thing around me. Maybe I should make it a goal? Try it for a week?

    • absolutely! God is in all things, we just need to seek Him in the simple things of life!

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