Bye Bye MySpace!

After being dragged kicking and screaming to Facebook, and now that I’ve adapted to it so well, I’ve ditched my MySpace page.  It wasn’t a painful farewell, I think I logged in maybe three times a month if that.  I just lost interest in it really, it lacked the fun and functionality of Facebook.  I can log in and scroll through the feed and get a condensed newsletter, rapidly, of what my friends and family are up too.  It is without a doubt my very favorite form of social media.  It is particularly amusing when someone posts something and before long there is a record number of comments, and the banter gets crazy and out of hand.

Not  that there is anything exciting there, but here is a screen shot of my current (as of this moment that I’m writing this) profile and wall.

Some days with busy-ness of life, it is through Facebook that I stay in touch with my kids and siblings.  And I gain a peek at their friends and social lives too by reading their walls.

Between Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, I think I’m connected enough without the MySpace that seems to be losing popularity rapidly.  If you know me, feel free to send a friend request, I will be happy to add you to my friends! If I don’t know you, don’t get offended if I ignore the request, I’m a bit guarded.