We’re Putting The Tree Up

The trees went up last night..as in they are out of the boxes, up and lit.  After digging through a variety of containers it became obvious we were lacking some things.  Seems last year when they packed up the Christmas stuff, the other Divas tossed a lot of things.  So we had it on hold for tonight to actually decorate the tree.

My daughter got Lord Voldemort to help her with the tree there.  All she had to do was start pulling stuff out and trying to move that casket size box up the stairs herself  (the damn thing weighs about as much as a  body loaded end of life container) and her daddy was helping her. Her, the boyfriend and her dad decorated over there. That cracks me up, that girl has that man wrapped so tightly around her finger.  He would say otherwise but grumpy old Walter said over and over he would NOT have another dog in that house ever.  Enter Okeloni, the 2 year old Akita my daughter recently adopted from a shelter.  Yes, she has her daddy wrapped alright.  I was glad Scrooge decided to help her out and they were able to begin a new  tradition even if it is without me.  I was always the one to get it out, put it up with my kids, Ebeneezer rarely did much of that. Talk about a little black rain cloud hanging over the holidays.

I admit to being a bit apprehensive about this Christmas.  All of the ornaments that hold sentimental value to me are over hanging on the tree at the ex-husband’s house.  I have nothing of mine here.  This is my favorite holiday and time of the year, and I’ve always loved decorating the tree.  So when my daughter called to tell me she was bringing my  nativity that she and her brother had bought me years go I was thrilled.  I also requested a particular ornament that holds very strong sentimental value to me and she brought it too.  I love that kid.

Today the Divas went shopping to find ornaments for our tree.  I picked out one  just for me, my  first initial in silver, with gem stones.  And then I found another, a silver fire place that says “Our First Christmas In Our New Home”.  I  bought that one too.  Now I feel much better, like I have something in the mix here.

And now, we are going to begin to decorate the trees, complete with shatter proof ornaments as suggested by my daughter.  The cats already have taken to climbing the damn trees. One received a squirt bottle enema when I shot her off a branch.  She in turn stalked the tree thinking the tree attacked her.  That would be Ditzy!