Chocolate or Vanilla?

OMG there is NO hesitation here at all for me, CHOCOLATE! I LOVE chocolate, it is a definite vice in life for me…as is anything that involves chocolate.

M&Ms, plain, peanut or the best, almond, are YUMMY! I love to eat them one at a time, letting them melt slowly on my tongue.

Mounds bars, oh baby those are SO good. Not a huge fan of coconut but wrap it in DARK CHOCOLATE and I love it! Best, like the M&Ms, if served cold and eaten in small bites, savoring every bit!

Snow Caps, possibly the single best movie theater treat, in a king size box that costs damn near the price of the ticket, but hey, once in a while we all deserve to indulge ourselves, right?

PMS attack? Approach with EXTREME caution, bringing a chocolate brownie with dark chocolate icing, a scoop of vanilla (only good when paired with chocolate or pie) ice cream, drizzle DARK chocolate syrup over it and sprinkle on some pecans, place it in front of me with a spoon and retreat. I’ll allow you to live through the demon bitch from hell day that I have during my monthly PMS flair up for being wise enough to make such a splendid, decadent offering in order to be spared certain hell from me. There was a time (no longer applicable) when, if I was not PMSing, and you placed that in front of me, it might even result in you receiving sympathy sex.

Getting the idea I LOVE chocolate? Dark chocolate is tops.

Need my help? Offer me chocolate (beer or wine with it influences my decision).

Need forgiveness from me? Bring chocolate, we’ll share and make up.

Want to impress me? Chocolate is the means.

Want to thank me for helping out? Yep, chocolate.

Enough said.


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  1. Chocolate is my favorite food group. And don’t tell me it isn’t a food group! That will send me into a deep depression. Wait, go ahead and tell me. Deep depression is one of my top 10 reasons for eating chocolate. Consuming dark chocolate is one of the healthiest things I do for my body because all the anti-oxidants – much like drinking red wine, which is good for my heart!

  2. You’re right, Marti – chocolate is the best 🙂 Have you tried those peanut butter M&Ms? WOW!

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