A Bowl Of Fruit Loops

Last time I referred to it as walking through the fruit loop garden, but tonight I’m kinda tired and feeling a tad lazy, so we’re just going to sit on the side of the bowl and dangle our feet in.  This is one of those posts full of random thoughts that have zero connection for the most part other than it came from my brain, a confusing and scary place for many when I open up and start sharing.  Get your spoon.

This was an interesting week.  Tuesday the big boss decided work had dropped off enough to shut down our Cincinnati and Dayton offices for winter.   I wasn’t really surprised, I schedule the work and maintain the production board so it was rather evident to me that this was coming.  Still wasn’t a happy moment when I got that call to start tying up the loose ends.   I resisted the urge to panic and instead got online and started mass sending my resume through local job sites and on various hospital career postings.  I  also utilized Facebook and Twitter, and sent a ton of emails to contacts, feeding my information and resume.  Even dug out a business card from a potential a year ago.  Hoping to be working again next week, I CANNOT handle the boredom of being out of a job again, I’ll be crawling on the ceilings in under a month.  Hoping to find something far more long term…as in years.

I am thinking this whole menopause  thing is settling in and that makes me most  unhappy.   I am rolling through the hot flashes and finding them to be quite irritating.  We don’t need the furnace, I can slowly stroll through  the entire  house and keep it warm.   The night sweats are a real treat too.  Power surges? Heck I could light the whole township for an hour at a time with those lovely attacks.  Sometimes being female truly sucks.

Ya me!  I found eye glass chains for my readers/cheaters!  I stopped at a local, family owned Pharmacy and got my flu shot ($20, which is $5-10 cheaper than the big grocery store pharmacies have them) and while there found the chains!  Go ahead, make old lady jokes, I don’t care because now I  know where my glasses are all the time when I need them.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We interrupt this blog to alert you to the following information:

There are only 50 shopping days until Christmas!!!!!!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post already in progress….

The neighbor across the street has a shutter that periodically falls off the house.  He gets up there and messes with it and puts it back, then along comes a good wind or thunderstorm, though sometimes for no apparent reason at all, and it falls off the house.  Currently it is back up but I’m  seriously considering taking $1  wagers here in the Princess Palace on when it will fall down again, as many chances as you’d like, and she who comes closest without going past wins.  We sick chicks find the  whole thing very entertaining.

I GET TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW!  I am easily amused and thrilled by the little things in life.  Sleeping in being one of my guilty pleasures makes me HAPPY!!

So, how DO you solve a problem like Maria?

YIKES! CSI tonight is looking gross!  Well okay it IS gross!!!! But I love watching this stuff.

That nasty, 4 letter word is in the forecast.  I do not care if it is only flurries, it means cold and I really don’t like cold!!!  I’m missing summer so badly, I love warm weather.  Turning on the electric blanket !!

ATTENTION SON AND DAUGHTER – still waiting on your Christmas wish lists.  Really, I want to be done before Black Friday so step it up please!

I  just saw a commercial for baby carrots, using sex to sell them.  Really? Unreal…and frankly a very creative commercial!

Okay, CSI is wrapping up this  neat little murder case, in under an hour as usual. Gotta go see how this ends, it has been very good!

Okay, spoons and feet out of the bowl everyone!


  1. Hot Flashes, night sweats, mood swings……….get ’em. Had ’em for years. Can’t even give them away. I’m still jobless, but have a little hope now, with a couple of leads coming my way. Best of luck to you on the job-front as well.


    • OMG it is unreal! This is so not much fun!

      Found a job, start on Monday and I cannot wait!

      • Well, Hell yelz:) Am I correct in reading that you’ve already scored a sweet job? Way to be ma frien’! Huggles and continued fortune!

  2. I really hope your able to find a job soon. I know its been hard for a lot of people these past years so crossing fingers an opportunity opens up to you soon.

    Eek! I’m not ready for the cold weather either. I absolutely hate walking outside and it feeling like I just walked into a meat locker.

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