Random Tuesday Thoughts 10/26/10


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How many times is enough to reheat the coffee in the microwave before just giving up and going and getting a fresh cup?  And really, how is it I can get so damn busy I forget to actually drink it?  I swear if I drank all that I actually pour in the cup I could crawl across the ceiling.

Would love to know who the sweetheart is that put candy corn and pumpkins in the big candy dish in the coffee lounge. Probably one of those that is all fit and trim and trying to keep the law of redistribution of body fat from hitting them by keeping all of us packing it on.  Thanks bitch, but NO thanks, I will exercise self control and just have coffee. Besides the plain aren’t as good as the chocolate and caramel ones I have in a baggie in my desk drawer!

At my sister’s office they are all decorating their cubes today for Halloween and dressing up.  She has a pricey, but very cool Wicked Witch/Elphaba costume and will be painted green before putting on the attire. It is one ‘wicked’ costume, no pun intended.  On this severe storm day she may learn to fly too.  Bet that sight driving down the road on her way home this afternoon will raise a few eyebrows with the storms blowing through, LOL.

Debating leaving the phone plugged in so that it is fully charged when/if we lose power today.  I fear suffering cyber crack withdraw if I cannot access my favorite stuff at least through my phone.  I know, I’m pathetic.

“I feel the need to reach out and touch someone today…a 2×4 should do the trick” – just saw that on my former sister-in-law’s Facebook status, I SO know the feeling, Mel, I’ve a few folks in mind for that touch!(NO your big brother is NOT one of the choices for that touch, I’m over that)

Wondering if all this weather hype today is going to result in NOTHING.  Every time they get all worked up about some big ass snow storm coming our way we see very little materialize.  Same seems to happen when they call for severe thunderstorms, so my guess is it is a bunch of hooey and other than some rain and wind we won’t see anything to be concerned about.

Wondering…does anyone use Myspace anymore?  I think I check mine once a week now, but I live on Facebook.  I think Myspace is slowly fading into history.  Considering just deleting mine, all I ever get on there is a bunch of friend requests from ass pirates that I have NO desire to meet.

Who would have imagined the quickest way to bust this cold/flu up was  to flush my sinuses with salt water, pouring it up my nose with a plastic tea pot?  I swear I was skeptical but honestly, the neti pot is amazing.  It is fun too, when my niece walks in and finds me over the bathroom sink irrigating the nasal passages, she is kinda creeped out by the whole thing.  I swear it is a god send, have noticed a relief from my cat allergies too.  Strange but I’ll take it!

Wondering if I can get to Chipotle at 11am before the storms hit? I really need a steak bowl and chips (Hey, I had chicken yesterday, gotta have something different right?).  Comfort food again, for riding out the non-storm that won’t be a big deal.  Got a lot on the brain and heart to work through today too.  Yep comfort food.  It was that or bring teddy bear to work and I’m thinking the sight of a 47yo woman walking around hugging a teddy bear would be moderately disturbing to folks.  So, Chipotle it is!




  1. Hmmmmm…I actually had a teddy bear attached at my hip today for a couple of hours while working! I was missing my “Angel” and this bear fit just like she used to:) No one looked at me cross-eyed…but then? I work in Williamsburg…LOL

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