On My Soap Box…

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I am all about customer service, especially as someone that is in a line of work that requires me to provide good customer service.  Frankly I think I provide GREAT customer service.

What totally would knot and tangle my panties, if I wore any, is the people that call in and right from “hello” are jumping all the hell over my ass.  Total attitude and shit headedness before I even know what the hell they are bitching about.

Mondays around here suck.  I have no idea if it is just because everyone gets up pissed off that the weekend is over, maybe they have a hangover from to much weekend fun, or there is trouble in paradise. Whatever the hell the issue is they get all worked up over something then call to complain.  TOTALLY ASSHOLES!

Yes, if my workers are falling short of the mark, you bet your sweet ass I want to know about it. If they did or did not do something as specified and required, I want to know about it so I can send them back out there to make it right.  If they cannot get their shit together I will send someone who can handle the issues.  But damn why call me all full of attitude when I had no clue there was an issue???  Instead of jumping my shit why not start out explaining that you are frustrated, unhappy, whatever the case may be, in a civil tone of voice?  You are not going to get any better service by calling me and being an ass wipe.

It’s Monday, believe me I feel your pain.  I am a customer too so I know that when you are upset you want someone to care, to listen to the complaint and make it right.  But damn people, try using some politeness MY way.  All that shitty attitude, yelling at me and getting all bad ass makes me want to do is tell you to go straight to hell on the express train.

Instead I have to kiss your sorry, high maintenance asses until I hang up the phone and can then call you every choice name I can think of.  And yes, while I will send Fred and Barny right out, all I really want to do is forget you called and let you sit there and get more upset and maybe you’ll have a stroke from over reacting.

Seriously, when calling to complain, stop and think about it, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and remember, they did not set out to fuck up your day, so why fuck up theirs?  Being civil will get you much further than being an ass.

*jumping down off my soap box* – this is going to be a Chipotle and get my nails done day.


  1. I know what you mean. We generally don’t get complaints from our clients, but rather their neighbors that are pissed off that someone’s getting their house remodeled. I want to know if our employees are out of like, but give me a break! Be civil, you get a lot more done!

    Enjoy your chipotle and nail day!

  2. hahaha!!! i feel your pain! i used to work customer service and whenever i’d get the ‘the boss wants to see you’ i’d hear ‘you can’t cuss at the customers’ oh yeah? well fuck the customers, they cuss at me!!! lol

    thanks soooo much for linking up with MMHT!! we luvs ya!!!

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