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I've gone from celebrating, to not, and back again.

As a child it was one of my all time favorite holidays, and what kid wouldn't love the idea of going door to door and making off with a sack full of candy.

For a few years I took my son out trick-or-treating as a single mom, after my first divorce. One year when I had remarried, I sent him to his dad's for the fun, after dressing him up in an old suit jacket and hat, and painting his face to look like a skull. I actually did a pretty awesome job on it because it even creeped me out and I was the one that had painted his face. He wanted to be the walking dead. At the time I was in a non-denominational church that hosted one of those hell houses to promote Christianity and discourage Halloween because of its pagan roots. What I saw in the picture of my son that I took really freaked me out later and for years we did not participate or celebrate it in any way.

The older I have gotten and the more research into holiday origins has led me to believe it is not an issue to celebrate. EVERY holiday for the most part is pagan in its origins, the church just moved its own holidays to those pagan ones in their efforts to substitute something for what was being given up by those converting.

Certainly there may be satanic holidays that are celebrated on the same day as other holidays now. Regardless of each holiday and its origins, what matters is what is in the mind and heart of the person celebrating. To me, Halloween is a fun holiday where we give out or beg for candy, dress up and have fun. Yes there are spooky elements but I chose to keep it fun. If you opt to not celebrate that is fine.

I've always found it funny that there is only one celebration Christians were told to partake in, and that was to remember the death and resurrection of Christ. No where in scripture are we told to celebrate His birth, and anyone that researches it knows He was definitely NOT born in December. The church again took a pagan holiday and tried to Christianize it, then want to have a canary and push 'the reason for the season'. I celebrate Christmas from 2 sides, the Santa Claus side, and the religious side, keeping the two as different celebrations. I do not get offended if someone says "Happy Holidays" rather than Merry Christmas, as there are a multitude of holidays being celebrated right around the same time so why not cover them all in one phrase.

Anyway, yes I celebrate Halloween. On Friday I will be handing out candy to the kids from the day care/kindergarten classes that will "Halloween Walk" through our building, and on Sunday I'll be outside with my neighbors enjoying the creative costumes of the children on the street while handing out candy. My sister will be dressed up as the Wicked Witch and I might drag out the Cruella DeVil costume and dress up again too.

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  1. You’re right. People need to calm down about Halloween. But I do keep my black cat in during that night. There are some stupid kids out there that take cats every damn year!

    • My daughter at the vet’s office said it is wise to keep black cats in for the week before and after. Mine has white on her tummy but until you get up close you wouldn’t see it. She is an indoor cat but I hear stories of them being snatched out of windows etc. Makes me furious.

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