Coffee Thoughts…

Sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and thinking over my weekend.  I really hate when the weekend comes to an end.  It isn’t that I don’t like working, I just enjoy my time off so much too, and the weekends just never seem long enough.  I am learning to really relish each minute of each day and embrace life, and finding that the more I do that happier I am.

Friday evening my baby girl came to visit, which was exceptionally nice as I never feel I get to see enough of my kids.  She concerns me because she looks so tired, but she has been sick herself with this flu/cold bug all the past week.  And between being in school all day and working in the evenings I think she is just getting a bit run down.  She was sporting one of the pink shirts the Delhi Fire Department is wearing for October for breast cancer awareness.  I know a lot of departments are doing this, which I find rather cool.  My brother made sure we all were able to buy the  shirts in the Diva Den too.  Real men DO wear pink, and most look great in that color.

We’ve been on a quest in the Diva Den to find a particular Highlander Grogg coffee.  The one we like was served up at Perk On The Pike before it closed.  This one has a slight butterscotch aroma and taste.  After Perk closed we were able to get it through The Front Porch Coffee House, but then they closed too!  That depresses me, I love going to a cozy coffee house and miss my Saturday mornings at Perk with my sister, crocheting and munching on stuff that was not real healthy and sipping coffee.  Mom finally found a place in Mt. Healthy, The College Hill Coffee Company.  This place not only carries our coffee flavor but it is flat out adorable!  I have determined that I need to frequent that one, even though it is a bit of a drive.

I’ve gone a complete week without going to Chipotle, I cannot believe it.  Mostly it is a money issue, just don’t want to be spending the cash at the moment with trying to get Christmas shopping done for my kids while I am still employed.  I might have to treat myself on Friday when we get paid again.

I’m actively looking for another job at the moment.  Once the season is over for out door painting I’ll be looking at being laid off and that won’t work, I have too many bills  to pay.  Hopefully I can find something soon, that carries benefits too, as this flying without health insurance is scary.

Best  part of my weekend was getting to spend time with Mr. TSASA last night.  We let him join the Divas for wine night, and then I got him all to myself out on the deck, which was nice.  We talked quite a lot, but I’m not sharing the discussion.  He also got to go where no man has gone before…to my room.  🙂  Okay so nothing naughty went on (only because others were home) but I did get a very nice kiss and Pixel let him hold her, which was also rather unusual.  I was bummed when the night ended. But again, relishing the time I do have and enjoying it very much.

Laundry is all caught up now, bedding changed, room cleaned, we even cleaned the house today.  Dad came to watch the game with us and have dinner. I am growing very concerned about him, he seems to be declining in health.  Sadly the weather is going to shift in coming weeks and we won’t be able to get him out as much.

Coming up this week are all the normal memes and hops I participate in, and my own periodic posts.  Wine and Cheese will be back on Wednesday, I was not feeling well enough to put together anything this past week.  I’m also going to be posting a book review.  Not my norm but the author asked me if I’d like to do one so I am reading it (great book!) and will be posting a review near the end of the week or Saturday.

I feel an early bedtime coming my way, though I know that once I  close my eyes the weekend will be over and the next thing I am aware of will be the alarm clock rudely pulling me from my sleep to start the work week.  I’ll likely stay awake as long as I can for that reason alone, to make it last just a few more minutes.


  1. Hi Marti;
    I love those little coffee shops, too! I generally take my mini laptop and just write away… the smells and people watching. Love listening in on some of the conversation drifting around the room. It’s just nice.


  2. Have you tried Lookout Joe for your coffee? I know they carry Highlander Grogg. I LOVE their coffee!!! I know they have a location on 7th street downtown and in Mt. Lookout Square.

    FWIW – Lookout Joe supplies coffee to a lot of local cafes, like Coffee Emporium, and they supply the coffee for Crossroads. I’m wondering if they supply it to your place too.

    • Couldn’t tell ya if she tried that one or not. She was on a the phone a lot looking for someone that carried it. I will have to check it out!

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