How Much Do You Pay For Bling On Your Sling?

My very wonderful, beautiful, normally level headed daughter came over after work last night to hang with the Divas and watch TV.  The UC Bearcats game was on and we were flipping to it during the commercials of CSI:NY and Blue Bloods.  Exciting I know, we live on the edge here.  In all fairness all of us with the exception of Diva Mom have been suffering from some cold/flu bug all week so this was pretty much all the ‘wild party’ any of us were up for at the moment.

During the course of the evening, my darling, intelligent, normally level headed daughter told me she wanted to show me something and asked to use my laptop.  I  brought her to my room and she pulls up the Victoria’s Secret website to show me her latest purchase.  Again, allow me to express that this adorable, wonderful child I gave birth too is my LEVEL HEADED child.  This is the one that does not chase bad guys, does not drive a police cruiser, does not wear bullet proof vests and risk getting shot at for a living. This is my little animal whisperer, that works for a vet, that animals seem to instinctively know she is gentle and sweet. This is my child that is normally a tight wad, not my other one, the adrenaline junkie that has to have all the latest gizmos to hit the market.

So, we pull up the website and she shows me the bra she purchased, available to angels only (card carrying members of Victoria’s Secret).  It is pretty, white, and blinged out with Swarovski crystals…and carries a price tag of…wait for it….wait for it… $250!!!!!  AFTER I picked myself up off of the floor I told her to hand me her cell phone so I could call Lord Voldemort her father to let him know we would be transporting her to the local hospital as she obviously is suffering from head trauma.  When he gets wind of this purchase he is going to flip the hell out.  Suddenly that cute little hamster she has had living in her room for 3 weeks that he just learned about isn’t going to seem like a big deal.  **SIDE NOTE: Our dear daughter LOVES animals, and has more critters than FarmVille to her name. Live ones, that require real care and will really die from starvation should she fail to feed them…most are housed at her boyfriend’s house but once in a while she slips one in her room while daddy is at the fire house.** Dear Grumpy Dwarf ex-hubster, we have bigger issues here than what the latest 4-legged creature is that she is hiding from you, wake up and smell the coffee!

Okay I am female, I love girlie things, especially lacy bras and pretty shirts.  I am all over sexy shoes too.  (I hate panties/thongs/g-strings so I never bother to wear any though I will be the first to admit if you are going to wrap up that package for your man there are some very nice ones out there)  BUT SERIOUSLY $250 FOR A BRA BLINGED OUT WITH RED CRYSTALS?????  Who the hell wears this stuff?  If I spent that kind of money on a boobie sling that baby would be encased in glass and hanging on the wall, NOT  being worn on my body.  Well I might go do a photo shoot wearing it first, but dear GAWD what is this kid thinking?

We will need to hire armed body guards, “please back away from the bra” when she goes out in it.  The Divas, once they got over the sticker shock, began discussing who should inherit the boobie sling should Liesl for some reason pass away or decide she no longer wanted the bra.  Obviously my 38D’s won’t be needing it, they wouldn’t fit.  My niece and sister have the exact same size so the fight is on between them for the blinged out pebble push-up enhancement crystal encrusted  underwear.  OMG this is just insane!

Hopefully I’m not violating any copy right laws, after all I give full credit and the link to purchase this OVER PRICED piece of lingerie, but really, $250 for this???? (model and boobies not included)

I blame her father.  She is obviously suffering mentally from this divorce that he wanted.  It’s all his fault!


  1. Whoa! No doubt she’d look asoluely stunning in it! And I know she’s young, but I can’t believe you and Pete left out “fiscal responsibility” in her education. I’d be inclined to invite her to re-create it! Show her individuality and creativity:)

    • LOL we DID teach financial responsibility! and she is the one who learned it the best of the 2 kids. I am not sure what happened this time.

    • All I can say is it must be nice to be 20yo and not have other financial responsibilities. And she has the body, no doubt.

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