Optimist or Pessimist?

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I am an optimist. I have always seen the glass as half full.

I do not deny that there are times in life when it seems all the crap cards are dealt to my hand, but even then I have always managed to see past the moment. Sure, I might break down, cry, and throw one hell of a temper tantrum over the issue, but in the end I start seeking the silver lining in the current storm clouds of my life.

Life is what you make it and happiness is a choice. I am realistic in situations but being real doesn't mean you have to let the circumstances weigh you down.

When I found myself getting divorced after nearly 22 years of marriage and 23 years with that same person, I got through the initial shock then focused on the good things that were happening as a result. My housing situation improved in that I was moving to a bigger, nicer home. My kids were grown, and by being single, I only have to worry about me now. My laundry, my schedule, my likes and dislikes. I'm living with my mom and sister, and have strengthened those bonds and now have the opportunity to get to know my 2 nieces even better. My money is mine to spend as I see fit. And if I don't wish to be alone I am free to pursue new relationships.

I focused on the good, the areas that I could change and improve, and found myself better off. Certainly it still hurts, and likely will for along time to come, but life is short why get caught up in what cannot be changed?

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  1. good for you! I’m always trying to see the good side of a situation. However my marriage is swiftly falling apart, so that optimism has become increasingly more difficult to find. I love your blog, it gives me hope 🙂 so thankyou

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