Day 12 → Something I Never Get Compliments On

30 Days Of Truth

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on

Let me preface this by saying that there are possibly 3 dishes that I can cook well, one of which never fails to get compliments, beyond that…I never get compliments on my cooking.

Now do not misunderstand, I can cook.  If you call following a recipe to the letter cooking.  But the kitchen is just not my territory.  I enjoy baking to a degree, and make some pretty good Christmas cookies, but honestly I am not at home in the kitchen at all.  The only appliance I am an expert at using in the kitchen is the coffee pot.  I make good coffee.  But face it that is not hard to accomplish.  When it comes to cooking, I can burn water.

I do not exaggerate this really.  Once when I was making chili, even the ex had to take a swipe at me.  A little history…for whatever reason one day when he started to make his chili, he ended up using black beans.  I think we were trying to make the chili more South Beach Diet friendly if I recall correctly.  So he used seasoned black beans rather than chili beans.  It totally changed the flavoring and made his nice recipe a lot better….Okay back to the story at hand.  I called the firehouse to ask him how to make that chili because I wanted to make it for dinner.  After giving me the list of ingredients, before hanging up, he said he would put his unit on stand-by since I was going to be cooking.  VERY funny, Chef Piere, though probably not a bad idea all things considered.  After that, anytime I was cooking I put that status up on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, requesting whatever unit was on duty to be on standby while I was in the kitchen.

I am proud to say that this chili recipe has been improved upon by ME.  Oh and the kitchen is still in tact, but I’m sure if it ever catches on fire somehow I will have been involved, attempting to cook something.  I changed the type of tomatoes used in it and it tastes even better.  It IS good, meaty chili, but not spicy, just slightly sweet.  I love it. Everyone that has had it loves it.  It is one of the requested dishes in the Diva Den.  But beyond this very simple, tasty recipe, no one ever compliments me on my cooking.  And honestly? I’m okay with that! (when you cannot cook, no one asks you too!)

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  1. Marti, that serving of self deprecation was delicious. I always look forward to another helping of your creative creations.

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