Monday BLAHs

Monday…it sucks balls.  No other way to put it.  And Monday when home sick, well that is even worse.  I feel like I lost a full day of my life yesterday sleeping it away in between waking up to take meds and a few calls from Mr. TSASA (okay those were worth being awake for but the rest not so much).  Now here I am, still at home feeling like I was ran over by a large truck.  At least the pain in all the joints is gone, I take it as a sign I am getting better.  Now if this nasty crap in my head and throat would move on I’d be very happy.

Not working today means not getting paid.  I really wanted to drag myself out of the bed for that reason alone but just couldn’t.  I’ve made that mistake before, go back too fast and end up off a week instead of one day.  So taking the wise road today and resting and drugging up hoping to be ready to take on the week tomorrow.

Rotten news over the weekend as it seems one of my all time favorite bloggers, CB, is calling it quits. That bummed me out big time as she is totally a hoot and I creep on her a lot. She is a tell it like it is type of gal, you know she writes exactly like she talks, no bullshit.  CB – You will be very missed!!!!

I’ve learned I am not as stubborn as my cat, and believe me I am one stubborn bitch.  This 4-legged pain in the ass wants to be in the window.  I don’t want her there at the moment, so I keep getting her down.  I finally closed the window and the blinds, but this has not deterred her one bit.  She just jumps up on the desk, uses a paw to part the blinds and sticks her head through them.  Then tries to climb through them to the other side.  After the 5th or 6th attempt she got up on the dresser to start operation annoy mommy, knocking stuff off so that I was distracted and she ran over and jumped up on the desk to begin her attempt at the window again.  I finally put her out of my room and closed the door.  She will hopefully go find the other cat and bother her for a while.

I suppose I should go shower, and change the bedding.   All I really want to do is get back in and SLEEP.  But I didn’t shower at all yesterday so I feel gross.  Bet you are all so glad you stopped by and read this one!


  1. I’m bummed about CB too. totally jank!

    Ugh…you just reminded me I should clean my shower…but I don’t wanna…Monday is BLAH for sure!

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