Life In The Fruit Loop Garden….

Welcome to my brain.  It is a scary place, nothing normal goes on here, I grow some strange thoughts and often the only similarities or commonality is….well that they are mine.  🙂   My gray matter is like a bowl of fruit loops, random flavors and colors, and nothing I am about to share is connected short of it passed through my thinking today.  You’ve been warned.

I worked today, okay WE worked today.  My sister helped me and thankfully so.  I had to go to the Dayton office and get it in order.  5 trips to the dumpster and we just scratched the surface.  I have a cool toy there, a paper shredder.  Hey, don’t judge, I found it endlessly entertaining to feed it full of papers that require shredding to protect folks personal information.  I packed up the computer, cleaned and got things in order.  It is a long way from perfect but we were there damn near forever (6 hours of my day is a fucking very long time, especially when I was tired, and wanted to sleep in rather than get up).  Sleep deprivation sucks.  See why the paper shredder was so entertaining, I was not operating on a full tank.

Shopping at Target afterward was probably NOT a great idea.  I always spend money when I do that.  Not bad enough that I truly HATE to shop (I know how totally UN-Diva of me), but then I spend money!  ARGH!  But they had a good deal going on Halloween candy and candy corn.  We needed to start stocking up for the little Trick-or-Treaters that will be descending before we know it.  Seriously, the time is flying by and next thing you know it will be Christmas!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We interrupt this blog to alert you to the following information:

There are only 83 shopping day until Christmas!!!!!!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post already in progress….

Any day after Halloween passes is open season on Christmas decorating around here.  In fact if Diva Mom turns her back on us, me and Diva Boo will have the trees up!  Yes, trees! With a house this big we will have at least 2 trees.  And I am SO proud of myself, I’ve already started shopping for the holidays.  Lord Voldemort hates Christmas, in fact in the near future I will refer to him as Ebenezer Scrooge, who doesn’t hold a candle to old happy britches (NOT) during the holidays. He even  made mention when I asked for some of the Christmas decorations that are sentimental to me, that he isn’t planning to even bother putting up the tree.  Whatever, I will just go over and do it with my daughter when she is ready, after all it is HER home too and if she wants her mama’s help we can do it when Grumpy Dwarf is at work.   DAMN it will be nice to really ENJOY the holidays for a change!

**NOTE TO DAUGHTER AND SON – NOW would be an excellent time to be handing over your wish lists so I can get my shopping done EARLY.  EARLY  = Before Black Friday.**

Hee hee….I had Starbucks.  A pumpkin latte and a huge, thick slice of banana nut bread.  Hey, it was the only thing I had to eat today other than coffee and a few Sun Chips.  I was fucking starving very hungry with all that work we had to accomplish.  I blame Diva Boo, it was all her idea.  I really didn’t think it was a good idea, after all it is not exactly a healthy cup of delight they serve up there.  And I wasn’t implying that we really should actually purchase the banana nut bread to go with it.  I was merely pointing out that it was there and IF we would ever want something like that with our lattes that of course I would just happen to have $5 to spring for them but I was in no way encouraging her to actually go through with that madness.  But then once she did I couldn’t just throw it away! After all, there are starving kids in Africa and so we should not waste our food!

It is grocery shopping day in the Diva Den.  This will be an extra fun trip because we (Diva Mom, Me and Diva  Boo) will be doing it during the dinner hour when we hope the rest of the township is actually HOME, eating dinner, and not crowding the aisles of the grocery store.  Hey, I can hope right?

It is wine night in the Princess Palace (ie: Diva Den), we have 2 different bottles of Middle Sister wine to try. WARNING: there COULD be drunk blogging….definitely there will be drunk tweeting, texting and sexting.

Diva Mom is down the hall at the moment, having a conversation with the linens in the linen closet.  And to think these chicks think I have a screw loose?  HA at least I came by it honestly, and I have never had a conversation with a stack of towels, wash clothes or a box of Always pads!!!    Stop laughing. little brothers, the insanity gene is hereditary and you did NOT by pass that one either.

Crap, there are finger prints on my reading glasses.  This annoys the hell out of me!!  OH lookie there, not finger prints, paw prints! Wonder who did that? Pixel Kitten! You rotten feline!!!!!

Enough fruit loops, off to hell the grocery store. I’ll tweet that adventure, with photos even.  Tune in there! Or don’t…really won’t matter, I’ll do it anyway…