Wine & Cheese – 15th Serving

Every week on Wednesday I  devote a blog to whining.  Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.  I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile  just a bit more than normal.

Sit back and join me now for the 15th serving of some wine and cheese!


Gabba Gas Up

I’m really very tolerant for the most part, I swear to you I am.  But this one just floored me.  There are 2 establishments near me that sell gas, one is a Speedway station, a combination carry-out and gas station.  The other, across the street, is a  UDF (United Dairy Farmers) that also sells gasoline.  Without a doubt every time gas takes a jump up in price, UDF will hold off that day until later to raise their price, causing a mass rush to their pumps to fill up.  It isn’t bad enough that there is no logical reason for the price to jump 10 cents a gallon, but then there is this line of cars snaking out into the street from every entrance, waiting to fill up their tanks while it is still less expensive here than across the street.  I get that, I too will take advantage of this savings if the line isn’t too long and I happen to notice the price difference.  Sadly most of the time it is the traffic jam in their parking lot that alerts me that UDF is holding off on changing the price.  They aren’t dumb this is drawing in motorists in droves, no doubt making more in that afternoon off all these bargain hunters than Speedway will make all the rest of the week off the price hike.  My issue is with the idiots that stand in the parking lot and talk!  The line has formed, everyone is waiting and Joe Schmoe and Billy Bob are standing there having a conversation, catching up on the wife and kids.  Pay for your damn gas and get the hell out of the way!  If you have already paid then MOVE THE HECK AWAY FROM THE PUMP! The only reason no one is running your sorry asses down is there isn’t enough room in the congested parking lot to get up enough speed to make it worth it.

Air Expensive

WOW, really? We charge for air now?  75 cents to use the air at the gas station to put air in my car tire??? I could not believe it.  I pull in, knowing the tire is very low, thanks to the multitude of pot holes on my way up I75 every day (that in and of itself is a whine), the ones that once in a grand while I hit because I zoned during the freeway waltz and forgot to dodge, pull up to fill the tire and WTF? Seriously? 75 cents?  I dig through my purse, dumping the contents on the seat, go through the ash tray, under floor mats, and nope don’t have 75 cents on me.  Oh that’s right I had to pay Rosie Sow for dropping the ‘F’ bomb (I say Fuck a lot!), well shit.  SO, now I have to drive to the bank to use the ATM to get cash, which I NEVER have, the smallest denomination available is a $10 bill, then go back to the gas station to get change so I can pay for AIR.  Why are we charging for air? Is someone going to be sending me an itemized statement on my death bed for what I’ve been breathing up until that point? 30 minutes later I am finally able to get on the highway to head home, in time to get stuck in a long mess of traffic because some loser on his cell phone got in an accident up ahead and blocked 2 lanes of traffic.  Well I don’t KNOW that he was on his cell phone but odds are in my favor that if I put money on it he was busy talking and driving.

Can  you believe it??? I only had 2 things to whine about this week…just 2!  Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll be back up to 3 in no time.


My Bengals won again on Sunday.  Now, I will give you that it was far from a pretty win, in fact I still say the offense just SUCKS. But thanks to the defense showing up again, we won.  YA!!!  I’m certain I can take ALL the credit for their luck, as my jersey is sporting the number 13, my lucky number, and my name, which no doubt is bringing them loads of great luck!  🙂

I gotta say that I had a pleasant surprise this weekend when a very special friend drove 40 minutes to take me for a ride because he simply wanted to see me.  We both have lives packed with obligations, so we rarely get to actually see each other.  He simply wanted to take me for a ride in his very sexy car, hold my hand, kiss me and spend a few minutes with me.  We spent all of about that same amount of time together as it took him to get here, and that is all he wanted! Just to spend a little time with me.  Hard to knock a guy that just wanted to be together even if only for a short drive.  He may just restore my faith in the male gender enough to admit maybe not ALL men are complete pigs.

Brach’s Candy Corn is on the shelves and SO fresh!  And I found a new flavor, caramel.  I think this could be a serious problem for me so I will not be taking advantage of the recent sale I saw on this, one of my all time favorite candies ever.  But I must admit, it totally thrilled me to pieces when I savored a handful or 6 this weekend.  It’s scary how easy I am to please sometimes.


M&M: the perfect food, containing all four food groups: sugar, caffeine, chocolate and grease.
~ From Daffynitions Twitter feed


  1. My Dad and I used to joke for years about how the government will figure out the average breaths a human takes, factoring in the weight and height of a person for a higher or lower average, and charge you a breathing tax at the end of the year. Politicians would be exempted from this taxes because of all the hot air they have!!!

  2. Oh Marti:) How you make me laugh! OUT LOUD”) Those damned petrol stations have been charging for air for decades! When I first had to shell out a freaking dime for oh I don’t know? maybe 30 seconds worth? I thought…what next? Water? Yeah, I’m psyco? ‘cotic? Clairvoyeur? you get my drift. I do think you have more “worthy” men in your life than you are ready to admit. Huggles gal!

    • Yeah, I think you get 3 mins for 75 cents! And as far as men…there may be some worthy ones…at least ONE is catching my attention.

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