Post It Note Tuesday 09-28-2010

Only Parent Chronicles

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  1. hmmm, convincing yourself to love your job or reminding
    I sometimes forget my kittens are so cute when they are having their peeing-on-bed issues (I think it is behavioral because of the kiddo’s).

    • Hmm..on the kitten note, they will do that to express dislike at someone I am told. If litter box is full or someone causes them issues in some way they will get even by piddling on that person’s bed.

    • My niece takes her cat to her room, I keep my kitten with me. MOST nights she is ready for bed and on a pillow all curled up when I get there. Every once in a while she is wired and all over the room. 😦 After I squirted her she sulked in the corner for a while, then I brought her to bed and she behaved.

  2. I hear you on the dress warmer part. I froze my rear off at work the other day.

    I couldn’t wait to get out of there just to warm up!

    I think layers is the way to go in the fall.

    • Without a doubt! I admit I turned on the heat in the car for a few minutes on the way in it was chilly!

  3. Those post its are kinda cute, but I have one of my own….
    Grace, wait until you are with dad to puke next time:) lol

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