I Want To Be Mikhail Dubrinsky’s Life Mate!

Today’s writing prompt from Plinky was, “If you could be a character from any book you’ve read, who would you be?”

WOW that answer came to me immediately, Raven from Christine Feehan’s first book in the Dark Series, Dark Prince.  Like me she is head strong, independent and takes a strong man to control her.  I don’t mean just physically, I’m talking strong willed, minded, but not abusive, totally masculine, yet a romantic.  A true MAN.

She meets Mikhail Dubrinsky of the Carpathian race, a race of blood feeders that, should they not find their life mate, will eventually turn vampire..the undead.  She isn’t looking for a man in her life, but their minds touch one night…yes they speak in their minds.  She is somewhat psychic I guess you’d say, she feels his pain in the night far away and connects with him.  All kinda off the charts but very cool reading.  VERY sexy stories, very steamy sex scenes, intense love and killer plots.  Romantic thrillers of sorts rooted in the paranormal.  They make this whole Twilight thing look like nursery rhymes.  If you like this sort of stuff, I highly recommend this series of books.

This is the first book in the series, and the first one I ever read.  I have now read them all.  Such a pity these guys are only fiction, because they are the shit!  They have ONE life mate, she is it, she completes him and makes him whole.  As he grows older he loses his ability to see in color and feel emotions until he finds the woman who is his life mate.  She is what keeps him from turning vampire, she is the balance for the man and the only woman for him.  Too many pluses to go into here but if I could be any character in a book I read, I’d be Raven, his life mate because THAT is a man I could see giving up my swearing off of long term relationships.

The Carpathian males have to bind their life mates to them with the following words.  I always thought they’d make outstanding wedding vows from a man to his wife…but then, the ones spoken today usually don’t mean a damn thing to men anyway so why in the world would these? Ah the stuff of dreams and fantasies…

Carpathian Binding Words

I claim you as my life mate
I belong to you
I offer my life for you
I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my body, and my soul
I take into my keeping the same that is yours
Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time
You are my life mate
Bound to me for all eternity and always in my care

To be loved and cherished like that, like Mikhail held Raven in his heart, hell yes that is what I want!! The stuff of fiction, I know.  The way we gals feel about our men but men are pigs and not capable of that kind of love and devotion in return.   I’ve seen it time and again, men think with their penis, not their brain.  Something cuter walks by and they will give up a life time of someone who loved them with all of their faults to chase that skirt, or to go find themselves and happiness.  Men are nothing but horn dog swine.  Now, sure the men in these books have a sex drive to beat all, but only for their woman. They are faithful to the very end.

Anyway this was NOT a book review, just an answer to a question about being a character in a book.  I want to be Raven.


  1. […] at the beginning with Dark Prince as they do build somewhat on each other.  I once wrote a post, about wanting to be Mikhail Dubrinsky’s mate because I LOVED the words used in the Carpathian binding rituals between life mates.  *heavy […]

  2. i totally agreed with you about that our human men in our &^%$# reality, suck!!!

    during the last 15 years, the relation ship between men and women had become a chaos and both side are so fucking unfaithful to each other(now on days in both strain and non strain ways)so both sides are guilty at charge!!!
    another thing is that i also notes that men that look THAT GOOD just like the Carpathians males in our %$# reality, are NOT strain at all, but gays. so that means that ALL strain males in our %$# are so ugly and most of them penniless too.
    in other words….our own human males are sooooo fuck up for real!!!

    i just wish those Carpathian males existed, so i could live a happily ever after romance just like in those novel.
    the Carpathian males are so PERFECT they dont treat their women like shit, dont get drunk and beat them or their children, they don’t become gays/bi, they are not so dangerously chauvinist machismo like the men in those Arab countries, they dont rape sexually their biological children(of either gender or sex)not even the children they sometimes adopt from others, they are not unfaithful to their women(whether in hetero or homo ways), they treasure their women not like a very expensive valuable thing but like a special sentient person who must protect at all cost, etc……..

    if human males were like those Carpathian guys, the world would be a better place, specially for women.

    PD: NO I’m NOT feminist!!!! I’m just saying the sadness truth.

    • I am seeing someone at the moment that has the looks, muscle and all of my ideal Carpathian male, and while strong, is a gentle guy, very affectionate, believes if faithfulness etc. Totally loving being with him!

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