Day 07 → Someone Who Has Made My Life Worth Living For

30 Days Of Truths

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for

I have been pondering this particular topic for days, trying to think who the one person in my life is that makes it worth living for, and this has been a difficult process.  The options are endless from my parents, siblings, kids, friends, even the ex husband.   Everyone that comes across my path in my life makes it worth living.

We are each a unique vessel sailing the sea of life.  Every ship we pass as we navigate impacts us in some way.  Some pull up along side and dock with us at various islands of experience, and others simply pass us in the water.  Some are beautiful sailing vessels, or yachts, bringing good to us.  Others are like pirate ships  with ill intent and bring pain and darkness to our journey, temporarily robbing us of our happiness.  But each ship offers something, shaping who we are today.  We have no way to measure the good in life without the bad, until we have been to the bottom of the barrel we have no clue how really high and wonderful the top can be.

There is only so much we have control over in life, and mostly that is how we react to each and every situation.  We determine how we will respond to everything, sometimes consciously and other times through conditioning, but ultimately the choice of response and what we will take away or leave behind is our own.

So, the one person that makes my life worth living for….is ME!!!  No one else, regardless of how wonderful or awful, can make the determination that life is awesome, or no longer worth living, but me, myself and I.  While many of the storms that blow up on the seas I sail are out of control, as are the beautiful sunrises and sunsets,  I can control how I will face and deal with each event.   Everything is a learning experience, sometimes I will hurt and cry, other times smile or laugh, and how I determine to see my life determines that value or worth of every person, place and thing that I encounter.

I make my life worth living for!

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  1. Marti, I have always believed it. You so eloquently wrote it. To me, each person is in charge of determining their own happiness. Others can only enhance that happiness, add to it in ways that takes the happiness to another level….but never…ever…can one person MAKE another happy. In no case does another person create in you what is not placed there…what is not a decision by oneself to be there. Many live a life of frustration because they “can just never make everyone happy”. To turn inward, to create a goal for oneself of being happy….working hard to be the most content and happy person one can be….just plain rubs off on others….allows one to fully enjoy the acts of kindness by others…and allow those acts to enhance happiness. You’ve got it going on Marvi…..and you enhance my happiness.

  2. I like your answer to the question, Marti. It all starts with one’s self. If the self is bad, shit rains down on all those around you. Glad to see that we won’t need an umbrella when in your company…..

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