Hairy Guys In Dresses!!!

Yes you read that correctly.  Tonight our community will gather, and I mean most of the community too, to watch a bunch of hairy men dress in drag and play softball to raise money for a worthy cause.  It has been a west side tradition now for 30+ years and anyone who is anyone in Delhi Township and surrounding area will be there to watch and laugh.

If  you have no plans this evening and live near Cincinnati, I highly recommend The Delhi Skirt Game for a family friendly fun event! It is a festival of sorts, with booths and food, and of course cold beer.  But the highlight is when men of our community, including some of our police and fire fighters, will put on dresses, wigs and make up and take to the softball field.  This year the theme is Going To The Prom.  I will include links from previous year’s and news coverage, as this event pretty much speaks best for itself that way.  I promise it is a great time, come on out and enjoy the game with us!

Skirt Game Facebook page

Video about the game

Raw video from a game


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