Weekend Round Up & Hot Monkey Sex

At last, it is  SATURDAY!!! I love the weekends even though  today I did not get to sleep in as late as I needed. But that was my own fault for being on the phone until 2:15 this morning.  I probably could have slept until 3:00 this afternoon but I had to go get Pixel Kitten from the vet.  $250 later she is  home resting (yeah right) and recovering.  She is fortunate to be so loved, that is one damned expensive little fur ball for having been free.  Ah  well she is so worth it and just means I will NOT be eating at Chipotle for a few weeks.

This past week I posted for Meet Me On Monday, a 5 question blog meme I participate in a great bunch of other bloggers, geared toward getting to know the person behind the page.  Tuesday was Post It Notes, another fun meme, Wine & Cheese Wednesday – my personal weekly venting and then for my 100th I just did a summary/review of some past things  I’ve shared.  Friday I got a bit controversial and gave my take on gay marriage.  See,  I’m not all fluff, in fact there is nothing fluffy about me I just was getting through some emotional times in many of my posts.  Still think all men are pigs,  (sorry Long Beach but just where I am).  Long Beach is making it his  personal mission to change my thinking, but that,  to borrow my friend, Fracture Freek’s line, is another story.

In a sideline highlight of my week, yesterday I was given the “Plastic Joy” award from Midwestern Mama, one of my favorite bloggers.

With this award, I must divulge five people that I would most like to do the horizontal bop, the mattress mambo with. You know… raw hot monkey sex. Then I must pass this award onto someone else.
Here are my top five:
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
    1. Kiefer Sutherland – most  recently the star of  ‘24‘,  especially in character of Jack Bauer,  I just get all  hot and bothered thinking about doing the wild thing with him!

    1. Shemar Moore – First discovered him as Malcolm on The  Young And The Restless years ago.  I admit, the only reason I ever started watching Criminal Minds was to watch him.  He can do a thorough investigation of  this girl anytime!

    1. Johnny Depp – as Captain Jack Sparrow of course.  I saw Pirates of The  Caribbean 9 times in the theater just to drool over him. I’d love to take  a ride on his ship.

    1. Denis Leary – in character as Tommy Gavin on Rescue Me.  OMG the fantasies I used to have of a fire truck hose bed with him! He can put out this fire  anytime.  My youngest brother,  a fire fighter, grew his  flat top out and now is a dead ringer for Denis, which kinda dampens my enthusiasm for this one,  seriously kinda ewwww….

    1. Brett B. – 26yo local fire fighter and mega eye candy.  Sorry Brett, but if your going to mow the lawn shirtless even us old  ladies are going to want you to come by and let us cool your hot ass down. Too bad I have sworn off fire fighters and cops, but I can still enjoy the fantasy.

Now I must pass this along to two people… so here goes. I pass this on to:

Diva, of The Bipolar Diva, one of my favorite blogs to read, and to Java, of Never Growing Old another blog I subscribe too. Thanks for great, entertaining posts ladies, please pass along the Plastic Joy award to deserving ladies you know!


  1. Hot Monkey Sex?? Boy that sure got my attention and wow oh wow to the hotties that you picked! I have never heard of the Plastic Joy award but I am very honored! THANK YOU so very much!! You made my day!!

    I grabbed your button while I was here to put on my awesome blog page but I wanted to tell you that you are missing the at the end and it won’t work unless you add it!!

    Thanks again!!

  2. Hubba hubba!!! You’ve seen my facebook posts…can my Hot Monkey Sex be 5 times with the same guy??? Lol. Derek Jeter baby! 🙂

    • Oh sure, why not! If he is good enough for one round, certainly 5 cannot be a bad thing

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