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This is it, my 100th blog post!!!!

I only just realized the other day that I was close to this number and had no idea what this post should be about. My blog doesn’t fit into any one category very well so I just tell folks it is about life, my life, all from my own perspective.  I decided I would just write about me and my life, things that some may or may not know since my blog page began.  Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy and I’ll share some about me.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and still call it home.  We traveled a lot when I was growing up and if I count I would say we likely have been in 40 of the 50 states.  Most of that travel was in the form of camping, hence now my idea of camping is a hotel.  My family is from the Price Hill area, and we’ve always been on the west side.  We are all living within about 4 square miles of each other and to my knowledge no one has any plans to leave this area.  I am a huge fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, even though I do think they might be the worst team to ever take the field.  Since their inception my dad was a fan and we grew up Bengals fans.  Good thing we are loyal, and tailgating is all about the food because it sure isn’t about the win column!  I always tell Steelers fans the reason we get so excited is because winning is so uncommon here, where as it is old hat for them so not quite as thrilling if you cheer for Pittsburgh.

I’m 47 years old, oldest of 4, both parents are still alive and until about 13 years ago my grandparents were still living and in great shape mentally and physically.  I get along well with my siblings and their spouses, in fact I would say we are a close knit family.  I have 2 adult children, a 20 year old daughter and 26 year old son.  They are my pride and joy, I am one very proud mama.

I prefer dogs over cats, in fact until my birthday 2 months ago I was a cat hater and felt the only good one was a dead one.  Enter Pixel, an adorable little kitten at 4 to 5 weeks old.  Abandoned in a sewer by her mother, only she and 2 of her brothers survived.  Rescued and bottle fed, and weaned WAY too early in  my opinion, she was a little speck of a thing.  The vet warned me that she would either be exceedingly aloof when it came to human attention, or would bond tightly to me.  She has bonded like glue and is very affectionate for a cat.  I love her to pieces despite my allergies to cats and the fact that she sleeps against my face or wrapped around the top of my head.  She has been like a band-aid to my heart, loving her and caring for her has helped in the healing since separating from my husband.

I was happily married for over 22 years, going on 23 in fact.  However seems Prince Charming wasn’t happy with his Princess and has bailed.  Just prior to the 23rd anniversary we will be officially divorced.  I wanted the final day on the 13th of August, figured end it on the same day it started.  That is not to be, sick humored as it is.

Now I live with my mom, sister, and 2 nieces in 2500 square feet of space.  None of us ever liked quad level homes but then we had never seen one SO spread out, this thing is like a palace.  We nick named it the Diva Den or Princess Palace.  The only males permitted are visitors, even our cats are female.   These ladies have been my primary support through  the divorce and I love them to pieces.  How can you go wrong with folks that refer to the ex as “he who shall not be named” or Lord Voldemort.  Not to worry, it is with some affection, they DO still love him but he hurt me very badly and right now they are more concerned with me.

I am a woman of simple tastes.  While I do so enjoy creature comforts, I am very low maintenance and not into much that is expensive.  I used to take issue with descriptions of my astrological sign being materialistic, until I realized that there are lots of material things that I enjoy that are on the less expensive side.   A good example is chocolate, specifically dark chocolate.  There are many very expensive brands, some from over seas, that I have tried.  I frankly enjoy Nestle Toll House chips right out of the bag, or Hershey Special Dark more than any other that has melted in my mouth.  I admit that Esther Price chocolates are divine, but honestly I am just as happy with a Mounds Bar (especially if it is kept cold).

I can get all dolled up in fancy clothes and high heels and look pretty damn good, but honestly I am far more comfortable in jeans and a hoodie with gym shoes.  Well shoes if I must wear them, I hate shoes and only wear them when necessary.  I prefer thick footie socks to shoes and tend to go through a few dozen pair a year.  Fancy lingerie is nice but really it spends so little time on the body before it is in a heap on the floor, just give me some comfy lounge pants and a tank top, I will be MUCH happier!

Sure, who doesn’t like to go out to eat, let someone else do the cooking and clean up.  But I am really not that enthused about fancy places, just give me Chipotle or some Chinese to go, heck even Burger King some days or a really good Gyro and I am very pleased.  5-stars on the establishment really mean NOTHING to me.  Wines are good, but I know next to nothing about them short of I either like them or I don’t.  No matter how old  or how expensive, if I don’t like it I am simply NOT impressed.  I’m a west side resident of Cincinnati, a redneck to the east siders, just give me a cold beer and I will be so happy. Well several cold ones, let’s aim for delighted.  I’m German, with some Hungarian and a splash of Irish mixed in, we love our beer!

Fancy dinner parties or black tie events, sure I can pull those off but please, a tailgate event or food, friends and beer around a fire pit are where I am most happy and most comfortable.  I enjoy the symphony but honestly the Cincinnati Pops in the park, sitting on a blanket munching goodies with friends is more my style.

In many ways I am most unconventional and have a quirky WTF side to me.  I have 3 tattoos with plans for more, I LOVE getting inked.  My nose is pierced on the side, nothing wild just a tiny diamond.   I used to have the nips and south of the border pierced too but the nips kept migrating (my body rejected them) and I had to remove the other for surgery and it closed up.  Yes getting it all done again, and my belly button, are all under consideration.  I use a temporary spray in pink dye for my hair that washes out each day, usually a light coating all over but sometimes just a section, simply because I LIKE it.

I am not much into watching TV,  few shows hold my interest.  Reality shows are a waste of valuable minutes in my life.  Really, plant cameras around the island and dump the 32 or whatever it is people on the island with nothing.   Each day a boat can show up and if anyone gives up get in it and it leaves. Last one standing is the survivor. Now that I might watch.

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Music I very much enjoy and my taste is varied.  My  mood will dictate if it is current hits, classic rock, classical, country, 80’s hits etc.  I usually have something playing in the background though sometimes I just like silence.

As far as men are concerned, well I love men!  They are the best at keeping your secrets, with the exception of fire fighters who gossip worse than ANY women I’ve ever met.  Just like their fish tales from the lake, when fire fighters repeat the juicy tale it WILL be added too and grow.  Men on the whole, however, are great.  That said, I will not be out seeking King Charming.  Yes, I said KING, I was married to Prince Charming and found out it isn’t all it is cracked up to be after all so raising the bar, the standard is far higher now.  When a princess marries a king she is then Queen, and it will take a king among men to ever convince me to make an exclusive, life time commitment again.  In other words, it is the stuff of fairy tales and it is NOT going to happen.  My heart is now under secure lock and there is NO key.

A funny thing happens when women announce that they are never going to get into a serious, long term relationship again…men come out of the wood work looking at it as some sort of challenge, believing they will be the exception.  I have had a few marriage proposals, believe it or not, and the divorce isn’t even final.  Again, it is simply NOT happening.  The guys that are all about being friends with benefits have tossed their credentials into the pile for consideration and those applications are still being accepted.  Funny, if a woman announces she is in the market to be married you cannot find a male within 100 miles!  Oh and if you happen to be a Browns, Ravens or Steelers fan, don’t bother applying you will be rejected on the spot! *wink*

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I have no idea what the future holds but where I am the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I am going to keep on coasting down the road of life wherever it takes me.  I may pull off now and then to smell the roses and enjoy the view but I have no plans to cease my travel through life anytime soon.  My goal is to live to at least the ripe old age of 100 before I start considering parking the car, so don’t look for me to cut the engine anytime soon!


  1. Like the Lord Voldemort reference.. I say the same thing about my ex. Keep on trucking!!!

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