Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Random Thoughts In Marvelous Martha’s Head Today

  • I really wish the ladies room was closer to my office, I hate walking so far away.
  • Why is it the damn phone will sit there silently until I am half way out of the door headed for the ladies room or coffee and THEN it rings?
  • I really think self sticking stamps and envelopes are the shit!
  • Skanky ho blond – thinking that is how heavily highlighted I want my hair today when I leave my stylist, I want the spray in pink dye to really stand out and be noticed.
  • Hmm..that guy on MySpace is cute, too bad he is a firefighter – DELETE – 3rd time may be a charm but I’m so done with men from that profession!
  • Wondering what the boss would say if I drew pictures all over the production board (it’s a whiteboard)?
  • I really feel bad taking Pixel kitten to the vet, she was freaked out and literally wrapped her front paws and legs around my neck. Poor baby is going to hate hate hate me next week when she goes for surgery. Spay and front de-claw and away from me for 2 nights *sad face*.   Getting a micro chip too so if she were to ever get out hopefully someone can find me and return her.
  • E-Harmony is a pain in the ass, I stopped at 85% complete on the survey.  I’m pretty certain at that point they already knew what toothpaste I use and what brand of toilet tissue.  I don’t need to go through that much information about myself, I am looking for fun, not a commitment.
  • I could use a cup of coffee right now.  I think the folks that run the lounge here and provide the free coffee need to learn about the mid-afternoon sleepies and stop locking up so early, WE NEED CAFFEINE DAMN IT!
  • Lovely, raining again. That means that traffic will suck so I will barely get to my hair appointment on time.
  • I have no idea how or why, but the Oscar Meyer Wiener song is stuck in my head today.  Seriously why would anyone WANT to be a wiener?? Being chewed up and swallowed doesn’t sound so pleasant to me!
  • Men in the midst of a midlife crisis dump their wives for women young enough to be their daughters, buy sports cars or Harleys and cover their gray among other things.  Exactly what is it us women are supposed to do?  Marry for money and hire a cute pool boy and play Mrs. Robinson?  Seriously, what DO we middle aged chicks do, cause I’m not about to sit around feeling sorry for myself! If the best revenge is living well, then I have some creative revenge living to do!
  • OMG is it 5 o’clock yet?  If I wasn’t heading out to do some radical ME pampering this day would fly by, but hell no it is C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G by!


  1. I think we go back and get more university degrees.

    FYI, the Do Not Date List is: firefighters, policemen, rock stars, pilots. And occasionally bartenders, because they think they’re rock stars.

    Thanks for playing!

    • OH NO NO NO cops! I love them for what they do (my son is one) but cops and firefighters cannot say NO to the badge/hose bunnies and cannot be trusted.

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