Come On, Let’s Paint The Town!

My sister and I enjoy finding ways to get involved and give back to our community.  In fact the company my sister works for encourages employees to get involved and sponsors volunteer teams for many community oriented projects.

Sis was talking a few months back about one such event coming up called Paint The Town that involves going into specific neighborhoods to give them a face lift by painting a bunch of the houses.  In this case, 59 homes are to be painted.  Volunteers are given t-shirts, water bottles, all painting supplies, fed breakfast and lunch and when the day ends there is a huge after party with food and drinks provided.  She was leaning toward this particular project when I chimed in and said “I’ll do it with you!”.

The event was scheduled for June 12th.  We put on our old clothes that day and headed up to the meeting place.  It was raining but not hard and the event is rain or shine.  Before we could get signed it it was raining hard.  The event finally had to be postponed because the rain was so heavy and not set to let up for hours.  Those of us volunteering for this project were so disappointed when the organizers had to throw in the towel,  it was a huge let down.  We were loaded on buses to do a drive by with our teams to see the house our team would be painting then returned to the  parking lot to go home.    I had looked forward to spending the day with my sister and working to make someone’s home look nicer.  I can only imagine the disappointment of the 59 families who had qualified to have a face lift done to their house.

Paint The Town is now set for this Saturday and hopefully the weather will cooperate.  We have our painting clothes and hats ready to roll again, and will be up early ready to lend a hand with several hundred others.  Well we hope so anyway.  The trouble is many will not be able to make it this time as no one expected a rain out.

That is where YOU come in!  Anyone 18 and over can participate and the more the merrier!  Leave the mower in the garage, the weeding can wait, what is one more day if you’ve waited this long to clean out the garage?  Come make a day of it and help spruce up a neighborhood that could use some TLC and give a day back to the community with us!  If you don’t mind being assigned to a team (you and a friend can be assigned together) you can fill out the RSVP on the Paint The Town site and show up to help!  If you know of business or groups participating asked to be assigned to that team when you RSVP.  If you want to work with me and Diva Boo, email me ( and I’ll tell you what team to ask to be assigned too.

YOU MUST RSVP so the organizers can assure adequate food and supplies!

Come join us for a great day of giving something back to our community!!

This is a picture we took from the bus of the 2 houses our team will be  painting (yes 2 homes!):


  1. Sounds like a very worthwhile charity. I love the idea of giving back to the community. My daddy always told me charity begins at home…. and community is home.

    Keep up the good work.

    • My mom taught us that too! I can’t wait, should be a great time with a lot of great folks!

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