This was one of those days when I would have loved to be able to clone myself.   The weekend was outstanding and I slept in both days.   Diva Mom went to visit  her sister for the weekend, Divas Sarah and Jeanne went to see a movie Friday, and that left Diva Boo and me home alone.  We felt like teenagers left at home while our parents were away.  And we did NOTHING but enjoy time together. Saturday we slept in before tackling the household chores.  The palace needed a royal cleaning and while that was going on we had laundry in the works.  Top to bottom until it shined, Cinderella has nothing on this group!

In the process of cleaning we put away a few things that were still in need of a home, made a few adjustments and additions to Diva Sarah’s room, and then decided to hang the dozen or so prints and photos that have been waiting for us to find some time.  The house looked pretty spiffy if you ask me.  That night we enjoyed Barefoot White Zin wine and some beer, but it just wasn’t the same without Diva Mom here  with us.

Sunday was the 4th of July and we had family coming over in the form of siblings, aunts and uncles.  It was hot and muggy outside but that didn’t keep us from playing Cornhole (Baggo in some parts of the country).  The 3, 5yo girls were bored so we pulled out the sidewalk chalk and the neighbor’s driveway became their canvas.  Once everyone left we Divas sat  outside watching fireworks.  I finally went off to bed, better late than never, because unlike the rest of the family, I had to work today.  That just stunk.

I woke up in the night sweating despite the central air conditioning and was dizzy.  90 degrees yesterday and did  I even think about water? Nope,  it was a cookout, I had beer like any other red blooded, German, west side resident.  I was dehydrated.  I wandered down to the kitchen in the dark  for water, gulped down 24 ounces then went back to bed.  Sleep was a long way off as Pixel kitten thought that it was time to pounce on mommy’s head.  Finally we both did go to sleep, her curled up against my back so tight I nearly rolled on her when the alarm clock went off.

I don’t play Farmville on Facebook anymore, I live it in the kitchen with cleaning out the food bowl, feeding and watering the cats (and the periodic time share Yorkie I keep for my daughter).  I started coffee, showered and went to work.  THAT was weird.  It felt like I had gotten up on a Sunday by mistake, there were NO cars on the road this morning at what would be rush hour.  Mine was the only car in the office complex most of the day.  My Divas enjoyed the holiday,  along with the courts,  postal service, banks and many retailers.  I was SO jealous of all those folks  home sleeping while I was opening the office for what turned out to be a productive day.  The  drive home without any traffic was  rather nice too, though I still would have preferred to be off  with my family. Ah well, I am thankful  that I have a job and really don’t mean to sound like I am complaining.


Seeking full time female clone


Experience in all facets of office management
Ability to manage others
Knowledge of printers, copiers and fax machines a must
Good filing skills
Excellent customer service skills
Maid skills including but not limited to: laundry, cooking, cleaning
On call mom to 26yo male and 20yo female not living at home
Surrogate aunt to 20yo and 16yo females
Stand in sister and daughter as needed
Must love cats
Must enjoy working holidays while original version parties like a rock star
Willing to work 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday while original is home sleeping in, eating bon bons and doing NOTHING!