I Am One With The Bean

It is Monday and it helps to be caffeinated.  VERY caffeinated.  That is the other thing about working and significance to days of the week, Monday means something again.  It means if I am smart I went to bed early Sunday evening.  Note:  Seems I’m just not all that bright? I am burning strong at night light wattage brilliance when it comes to getting a good night of sleep.

Coffee – just get the IV drip bag and I should be good to go, my liquid jumper cables, something to get me going again.  I am kind of shocked that I’m not a lot more sleepy, I did not get to bed at 9:30 last night as planned.  It was 10:30 and then I had insomnia.  I could not fall asleep even though I was so comfortable and tired.  I listened to an impressive storm roll through, watched Pixel kitten freak out over the lightening flashes outside of the window, ducking between me and my body pillow now and then.  When I did finally fall asleep I kept waking up all night for some reason.  I intend to be in by 9:30 tonight, but we shall see.  My grandmother used to say the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

Coffee is the life blood of the Princess Palace.  My mom, sister and I are huge drinkers of java.  We like it all, regular and flavored, if it is ‘leaded’ we drink it and entirely too much.  Some where out there is a study my aunt read that indicated adults who consume a lot of coffee could be ADHD and the caffeine is working like a medication would for them.  I wouldn’t doubt that at all just based on unscientific observations of my family.  My sister found a Bunn coffee maker for home that is the most prized possession in the house.  In less than 3 minutes it brews a full pot of coffee!  We stop just short of paying homage to it each morning, we need to give it a name it is so special to us.  There is no crisis that cannot be overcome if we gals have coffee in hand!

It doesn’t matter that it is in the upper 80s and humid outside, after dinner it is coffee on the deck.  In the mornings, before anyone has anything to eat, we are reaching for the coffee.  Have a problem to work through and need the other Divas in the household to talk it over? Get the coffee pot and some cups.  Working on a blog isn’t happening without a hot cup of coffee on the desk.  Had a great day at the office or shopping for bargains, by golly it calls for some coffee!  Yes, we DO have an addiction issue here.  You know you have a problem with the bean when you drink a lot of coffee before bed and sleep like a brick.  Hmm…maybe that was the issue last night, I didn’t have coffee, I had a beer.  Note to self: Coffee before bedtime.

It is Monday, caffeine will help, I am one with the bean!


  1. I am here from Lady Bloggers. I am a coffee lover! Just had another cup! Come and visit me at Mama’s Little Chick. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

    • I will stop by your blog tomorrow and leave some comment love! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Coffee is a must have. Even when we were without electricity for three weeks in 2004 due to the hurricanes, and only had a few cords to our generator.. one cord was dedicated to the coffee maker. We would drink it in our 90+ degree house with a fan blowing on us! Talk about addicted!

    • LOL I hear ya! The big wind storm that took out power for a week here resulted in creative coffee – the firehouse had generators and got power back first so the ex-DH would go up and make some and bring it home. I could have sold it for $5 a cup!

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