Saturday Seance At The Princess Palace

Yesterday was supposed to be a very busy day but even the best  intentions fall victim to mother nature at times.   My sister and  I were signed up to participate  in Paint The Town yesterday.  We got up early (5:30am), put on old jeans and gym shoes, grabbed a couple of  baseball style  hats and headed to Norwood Plaza.  It was raining but not  too hard so we had high  hopes of it stopping.  When we got there  we were so happy to see that  so many people were already there,  apparently rain doesn’t dampen the heart of  volunteers at that these  events.  Despite the  fact that everyone was  getting thoroughly soaked everyone was upbeat and enjoying eating breakfast in the drizzle.  We got our t-shirts and water bottles before grabbing our  breakfast and mingling with others.

2 of the Paint The Town 59 houses

Sadly the rain not only continued but it turned into a serious down pour and after checking radar the event was canceled and moved to July 10th.  Knowing that many of the over 1000 volunteers  won’t be able to come back that date,  and there  are 59 houses  to be painted in less than 8  hours, there is a need for more people willing to give up their day to make a neighborhood look nice.  These are neighborhoods in serious  need of some TLC so if you have time and don’t mind working with some nice people, being fed breakfast and lunch, come join us.  I’ll be posting more information as it is available.  Our team is painting one  of 2 houses, side by side.  We were given a drive by view to see our projects before being sent home looking forward to this upcoming project.

Plan B became grocery shopping for the Diva Den.  I went with mom to knock out that trip.  With our grocery list in hand and a request that I make black bean chili for dinner,  we headed out to load up on food for the coming two weeks.  Two stores and a couple of Foursquare updates later, we went to the Burger King drive through to grab lunch and headed home.   It was sunny and HUMID all of the  late  afternoon,  it was just flat out  uncomfortable  outside, I am SO thankful  for central air conditioning!

I made the chili and set  some aside  for dad and then mom and I ran that to him and picked up a  few  things he needed from the store.  Two trips to Kroger in one afternoon,  we should have our own parking spot and check out lane  as often as we are there.  Dad is not able  to drive anymore so he has to rely on us and friends to either run him to complete his errands or run them for him.  Next time we need to think ahead and call him when we make OUR trip to the stores.   We opted to skip the Reds game last night  as it was so hot and humid that just sitting in the shade we started to sweat and the threat  of rain was very likely.   Jeannette and I had  already had our share of getting soaked  to the gills.

Saturday, as mentioned in other blogs, is  wine night in  our home.   We wait until all  of us  are home for the evening then try a new wine,  or two.  My sister had picked up 2 new  ones at the store  on Friday and mom and I had  gotten cheese and crackers on our grocery trip.  We were sitting outside on the deck  waiting on Sarah  to return when the ‘severe’ thunderstorm warning was issued for our area.  The  lightening show was impressive out to the west and just before Sarah pulled in the storm hit.  Judging from the debris in the yard and on the deck,  and the 2 shutters and damaged siding on the neighbor’s house  it must  have  been more intense than we realized.

Anticipating a power outage we had a bunch of candles lit on the dinning room table and opened the blinds and turned off most of the lights.  It was a relaxed atmosphere but we figured the neighbors  likely think we were over here having a midnight seance.    The  power did not go out but we  left it this way just because.  At one point we were all being goofy and started singing songs,  or pieces of them.  Jeanne ran and got her laptop,  and then so did Jeannette.  Before long we had the actual songs playing and were looking for more good ones to sing along too,  it was Princess karaoke.   I have no idea what  time Sarah  slipped away to go to bed,  but I went up at 2:30  this morning, and my mom and sister were still up singing at 3:00am.  I slept  in until 11:30 and the only reason I even crawled out of  bed  was fear  that Pixel  would  need the litter box.  Next week the Divas have decided  to try some of the various imported and micro brewery beers that the  store has in stock, so that should be interesting.  Now every other week Saturday is  Divas uncorked, the others will be Pop The Top nights. All female friends and family are welcome to attend our Saturday night ‘seance’ gatherings, we can even bed you down for the night if you have too much.  Just let us know you are coming so we plan for it!

OH and before I forget, these are the two wines we enjoyed this week:

Our Saturday Seance wine selections