TGIF, Chiptole And A Busy Weekend


Nothing is quite like waking up to the wretched sound of the alarm clock and realizing it is finally FRIDAY!!!!  I hit the snooze alarm and snuggled back in not wanting to get out of the bed this morning.  Pixel was sitting on my pillow watching me intently for any sign that my eyes were open.  I reached up and petted her which delighted her to no end.  She is catching on that if she wakes me up there will not be a positive response.  So she was sitting there pretty as can be just waiting for some indication we could play.  She responded by attacking my hand, wrapping all 4 paws around my wrist and nibbling my fingers.  As soon as I sat up and turned on the light she scampered around the room chasing her balls and stuffed mice and then meowing at the door, she wanted out to go play with Noel.  Noel has been teaching her all she needs to know about being a big cat, a lot of which we’d be perfectly happy if Pixel remained unaware.  After running wild through the house for a few hours they both crash together and sleep, or rather recharge their batteries for the next round of the wild rips.

Pixel & Noel sleeping on a kitchen chair

Today is payday and I’m giving praise for direct deposit and the ability to check my account, transfer funds etc. all online.  I even pay all my  bills this way, it is awesome!  Of course because it is payday that means I had to have lunch at Chipotle.

I always arrive around 11am or Chipotle’s line is too long.  I got there at 11:10 and a line was forming fast.  I get the same thing every time, a steak bowl to go.  The wonderful people there fill the bowl with rice, black beans, steak, corn salsa and cheese, all while I try not to drool on the glass as I watch.  A bag of chips, a large drink and I head back to my office where I close myself off to enjoy my very scrumptious meal.  No need for the fork, I use the chips to scoop up the delicious contents and eat!  This is one of those comfy fuzzies I spoke of in a previous blog.

This weekend is not going to be a relaxing one for me and my sister.  Tonight Pixel goes to the vet for more of her vaccinations, there is a graduation party for one of my nieces, and one of my favorite local bands, TimePiece is playing at a local bar and I hope to stop in for a bit. Tomorrow it is up early to take part in one of the Give Back Cincinnati volunteer events, Paint The Town and we are participating. Rain or shine over 1000 volunteers will paint 59 houses tomorrow to help spruce up 2 local neighborhoods. It isn’t too late to get involved if you aren’t busy and it is a fun, great way to give back to the community.

After painting all day we will race home, shower, and head to Great American Ballpark for the Reds game with the other 3 Divas. That should be a lot of fun if it isn’t raining!

Tina Phillips /

Of course when we get home, it will be wine night so we’ll top off the evening with a new wine before we all crash in our beds. Something tells me that Sunday morning those of us that do not have to get out of bed (sorry about your luck Sarah) will be sleeping in!  Sunday we’ll catch up on cleaning, laundry and reading once we finally emerge from much needed sleep!

If you are looking for a very easy way to give back the community yourself, consider donating blood!  Summer is especially critical for blood banks as donations drop off and need rises.  The entire process takes about an hour and they give you cookies and juice or soda when you are finished.  Your donation alone can save up to 3 lives.  For more information check your local phone directory or if you are in the greater Cincinnati area, go to the Hoxworth Blood Center site for information about locations. If you are local and I know you, I’ll come hold your hand if you are squeamish about needles.

Everyone have a GREAT Friday and find a way to give back to your community!


  1. I’m more of a carnitas burrito guy myself, but I hear ya about the line… 2 kinds of people: the quick and the hungry 😉

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