Comfy Fuzzies

Comfy fuzzies are the best things in the world.  They can make a really bad day better, and a really good day turn fabulous.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes not to mention can carry a different impact each time depending on the current situation.  Everyone has comfy fuzzies and everyone’s comfy fuzzies are different.  Some are unexpected surprises in the course of a day, others are things we take for granted but make life just a bit better.

What are comfy fuzzies?  Those things that some call “comfort food” though not always edible, that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.  For someone low maintenance like myself, the comfy fuzzies are simple things.  These are just a few of my own comfy fuzzies:

A warm pair of footie socks – you know the kind, no ankle to them, they just cover the foot and cannot be seen in shoes.  I like mine on the thicker side, no color or design, just white.  I hate shoes so slipping into a pair of these makes my feet happy while at home.  I love them fresh from the laundry all warm and still smelling of the soap and fabric softener.

Sleeping in – more than just sleeping in, that feeling when I open my eyes, thinking it is a weekday, just before the alarm would go off, and realizing it is the weekend and then curling up and going back to sleep.  That feels SO good to know that I don’t have to get out of the bed.

Back to back music favorites – I drive 25 miles one way to work each day and nothing beats turning on the radio and hearing 3 or 4 of my favorite songs one right after the other as if the DJ had a request  list I had written!

A Fresh cup of flavored coffee – I live in a household that views coffee as a major food group.  It is rare not to find a fresh pot of coffee in our kitchen.  It is especially delightful when I pour a cup, sit down at my desk or on the deck and discover someone brewed one of my favorite flavors!

Finding forgotten cash – nothing beats putting on a jacket, or digging through my purse for something, or cleaning out my jean pockets before starting a load of laundry and discovering money I forgot was there!  Doesn’t matter if it’s $3 or $30, finding it always puts a smile on my face!

Random Acts of Kindness – sometimes it is coming home to find someone was rounding up trash to put out at the curb and emptied my bedroom can, or someone ran to the carry out for something and picked up my favorite adult beverage just in case I wanted a cold one that evening.  Or like last night my youngest niece came and gave me a hug and told me how happy it makes her that I live with them.  Little things that just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Foods – there are some foods that just make me feel better when  hurting or depressed.   However comfort food doesn’t have to be for mending bruised feelings or lifting a mood, sometimes they are great just because!  Here are some of my comfort foods:

M&M’s (plain)
Mounds Bars
Gyros (from Sebastians!)
Steak Burrito Bowl (from Chipotle)
Dry roasted peanuts mixed with Brach’s candy corn
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Homemade brand from UDF)
Egg Nog Milkshakes (UDF – only available at Christmas)
Peppermint coffee
Nestle Toll House Chips – right from the bag
French fries

Comfort clothes – old blue jeans that are falling apart but are so well broken in I just cannot part with them.  And my Snuggie – I actually own 2 of them, a pink and a blue one and I LOVE them! Over sized sweaters and sweat shirts, lounge pants, and pajamas I can safely go get the paper off the driveway when wearing.  Favorite gym shoes and t-shirts.

Combos – any combination of comfy fuzzies that make for some great ME time,  like popcorn, a diet soda, some hard candy and a good book.  That is my comfy fuzzy for my lunch hour today.  Or last night, crawling into bed on crisp, clean sheets, with my luminary air freshener burning softly(the ones that look like candles burning), rain on the window and my kitten curled up by my head with her paw on my hand.

Comfy Fuzzies Combo For Lunch

What are some of your comfy fuzzies?

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  1. […] I always arrive around 11am or Chipotle’s line is too long.  I got there at 11:10 and a line was forming fast.  I get the same thing every time, a steak bowl to go.  The wonderful people there fill the bowl with rice, black beans, steak, corn salsa and cheese, all while I try not to drool on the glass as I watch.  A bag of chips, a large drink and I head back to my office where I close myself off to enjoy my very scrumptious meal.  No need for the fork, I use the chips to scoop up the delicious contents and eat!  This is one of those comfy fuzzies I spoke of in a previous blog. […]

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