Caught In A Bad Romance…

That is currently one of my favorite songs, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, so much so that I splurged and bought the CD, well actually 2 CDs.   I liked her music long before I ever knew who she was and then when I actually saw her I REALLY became a fan.  My first glimpse of Gaga was on Oprah where she performed and gave an interview.  Frankly I think she is beautiful, and I love her unique style.  This woman knows how to market herself by expressing her individuality no matter how strange the public may find her costume or look of the moment.  As I sit here with pink streaks in my hair again, needless to say I love anyone that is willing to let go and be themselves and not give a flying frog’s butt what others think.

I enjoy all kinds of music  and hate when I get one of those “get to know your friends” surveys that asks me to list my favorite kind of music as I really do not have a favorite.  I enjoy classical, jazz, blues, hip hop, new age, soft rock, hard rock, country, a little rap and even some serious metal.  I’m lousy when it comes to artists and composers, I just know I either like a song or I don’t.  When making my 45 minute commute to and from work each day I will flip around from station to station on the radio and land when I hear something I like, then move on if I don’t care for the next piece.  The only time I am known to sing outside of church (where I more lip sync than sing out of  courtesy to those around me) is in my car when I am alone.  I cannot sing, absolutely cannot carry a tune at all.  What comes from my vocal cords could likely exorcise demons.  But I do love to sing along with my favorite songs when driving.

Music is one of life’s simple pleasures for me.  It can make or break a party, set the mood, and bring back memories of the past.  Who hasn’t heard a song from years back that immediately reminds them of a particular time frame if not a specific moment in life and either brings on a smile or brings them to tears?  I think music can not only tame a bad mood, but helps to heal wounds to the mind and heart.  I find much comfort in certain music when hurting, or peace when disturbed over  issues in my life.

The box from Jim

At Christmas this past  year in my extended family instead of buying socks or candles for the person who’s name you pulled, we had a theme, ‘my favorite things’.  You were supposed to go out and  buy something that was one of your own favorite things, include a note as to why this was something you liked and then give that as your gift.  The idea behind it was to learn a little bit about  the giver, and expose the  recipient to something they might not have tried themselves.  My mom’s cousin Barb (we call her Babs) is part of the Christmas family gathering.  Her husband, Jim, had my name.  Babs has a fetish for unique boxes and uses those to give gifts, so if you get something from her you get a box that you will want to keep as well as a nice gift.  Jim used a box Babs had found (by the way Tuesday Morning has some outstanding boxes) and gave me a CD from one of his favorite jazz musicians, among other things.  I LOVE the music!  Could not tell you who it is at the moment as the CD isn’t on my desk but I thought it was very cool to get a peak into Jim that I did not have before, as well as being exposed to the musician.

Next time you need to find a gift for someone, consider giving them music.  It is an inexpensive gift that lasts, and a personal note included about your choice is a nice touch.

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