Friday Fragments

This is one of those blogs that will be filled with seemingly random, short thoughts I’m having tonight.  Nothing spectacular just this and that.

I love Fridays, nothing beats a productive week at the office.  I placed 180+ follow up calls to potential customers this week, scheduled jobs of all sorts for my sub contractors and did a few dozen follow up letters.  There are countless other administrative duties to go with being production manager, all of which I actually enjoy.  And come Friday I feel I’ve earned the 2 days off to relax.  I enjoy the job and really enjoy my boss too. He isn’t in often but we are constantly in touch either on texts or the phone between his appointments.  We seem to have a good working relationship and chemistry which helps a lot!

My baby tried again to keep me from leaving for work this morning, this time by sitting on my stuff on my bed and looking up at me all adorable like and meowing.  It failed but I do have to admit it was very cute!

Pixel trying to keep me at home this morning

One of the coolest part about living with my mom, sis and nieces is the bonding that is taking place between me and my baby sister (who likely just cringed because she is 40 years old and probably not happy about being called the baby sister).  With 6.5 years between us we weren’t real close when she was growing up.  Our interests were very different and it wasn’t until we were both adults with babies on the way at the same time that we really started to flesh out some sort of sisterly relationship.   Texting, emails, and IMs helped us to keep that going over the years since and I’m thankful for those technical helps.  While we have had our rough spots over the years I’ve always admired her.  She got through college to be a nurse while a single mom of one.  Then went back to school to get her masters in finance while single mom to 2 teenage girls.  She worked her tail off and is the only one of us to finish college and I’m very proud of her for that, it is no small accomplishment.  Like anyone she has a slate of mistakes in life and skeletons in her closet though like me she tends to just leave those on the couch in full view rather than hide them.  We  both prefer to skip the trip around the bush and just be direct with people about who we are, it works better.   She has been one of my cheerleaders in life and that has always been a huge help.  She is one of the most generous souls around, always doing sweet things for others to encourage them or make their day, often spending money she really doesn’t have because she is so giving and wants those she cares about to be happy.  Her heart is many times bigger than most and far exceeds her bank account but she cannot help it, she is other oriented to a fault and I’d far rather that be the case than the opposite.  She is passionate about those things she stands for and very protective over her family.  Don’t cross one of us or you’ve crossed her too.  And never mess with her daughters, talk about a bear protecting her cubs, she’ll shred you.  She and I have a blast doing things together now and I love it, we’re close again and that is the best part of my current living arrangement. I love my sister!

The other great part is being able to share more of my life with my mom.  We’re all close to our mom in this family, and I know I talked to mom daily either by phone or text for years.  But living with her rocks.  My mom is a pretty hip lady and open minded.  She is much more tech savvy than she realizes.  Few folks in her age range will mess with a computer, and yet she is very into her PC and she can text on her cell and keep up with most anyone doing it.  Mom goes out of her way for others often and she too is fiercely protective over those she loves.  I wouldn’t piss her off she’ll become your worst nightmare.  Accepting that she won’t be around forever is hard, so I’m blessed to be able to share a home with her and enjoy times with her.  I loved last Friday when we had dinner out together then went shopping.  She  is always ready to give advice if we ask but she rarely gives it unsolicited, she  respects each of us as individuals and  doesn’t interfere with what we do in our lives.  The older I get the smarter she gets! I love my mom!

I saw a Tweet about the library summer reading program the other day and checked it out.  Not sure when they started including all age groups but now, no matter your age, they are encouraging folks to read!  Not hard to do for me I LOVE to read.  I am not into heavy books, I like novels, biographies and such but nothing too deep.  I suggested the entire Diva Den should sign up and everyone is on board!  I’m not a big TV watcher for the most part, so this should be easy.  If you are interested the link is: .  I thank mom for encouraging us to develop a love for reading!   I remember spending summers on the front porch curled up in a chair with a good book for days at a time.  My son is a reader like me, my daughter only if it is a book that really grabs her (Harry Potter and Twilight books are her big favorites).  I get addicted to books easily though and have to be careful or I’ll sit up all night lost in the pages.

I’ve been holding off on meeting new guys and hanging out, figuring it is more respectful to wait until the divorce is final.  I’ve recently decided that I need to ease into it now.  I have had several guys I’ve known for a while ask me to go out for dinner or drinks and I keep saying no.  Maybe it is time to venture out a bit now and not worry about the divorce being final.  There won’t be a rebound guy, my heart will NOT be involved.  I am simply going to seek out some friends to do things with and benefits with a select few won’t be ruled out.  Don’t be shocked, I’m 47 years old and have needs and way beyond the stage in life of no kissing on the first date.

I am going to start a detailed bucket list.  I saw the movie The Bucket List and LOVED it.  It is worth the time to watch.  My thought is why wait until I’m ‘dying’ to get around to it?  Since the objective is things I want to do before I die I prefer to get a head start on it all, why not do and enjoy the listed things now while I’m healthy and can do things much  more  easily than I will when older or not well.  When that is a bit more detailed I will post it, maybe some of my readers can help me accomplish some of the items.

Well it is late and I am tired.  My little Pixel already is crashed in her bed sleeping, she played hard tonight and the little baby is just too tired. She fell asleep sitting on the steps, and now she is curled up in her bed under my t-shirt.  She climbed up the side of my bed looking for a place to sleep but  it isn’t turned down yet so she crashed in her own bed.  I’m hoping she lets me sleep a bit more tonight, it’s like having a human baby the way she wakes up and needs  food then her litter box.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

One tuckered out kitten


  1. Wow, you are having such an interesting life right now. I understand the sister bond. You know how close Kat and I are, even when we don’t see each for years at a time.
    That kitten is just too much. That is the cutest picture I’ve seen in a long time. You should go out the Animal Planet website and post it. It will probably be shown on air.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Couldnt finish this blog. Reminded me of my bond with Holly. She bought a house around the corner from me to be close. I found the older we got the better we bonded. I miss her but I’m happy you have your Mom and Sister to hold you and comfort you.
    Love Nikki

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