Little Pixel, Big Impact

Today is day four of being a cat owner for me.  Well let me rephrase that, I’ve seen a quote, “dogs have owners, cats have staff” so I guess I’m staff to a cat.  Because of her tiny size I thought the name Pixel fit her well.  She is SO tiny I fear stepping on her so one of the things my daughter did was purchase her a tiny break-away pink collar with a little pink bell on it.  Being a kitten she pounces and bounces a lot so we hear her no matter where she is at the moment.  The collar is extra small yet  is a bit large for the little fur ball.  She doesn’t realize that she could work it off her head if she knew what she was doing.  I question her age of 8 weeks old, though since the vet techs looked at her teeth to give an approximate age, perhaps she was the runt of her litter.

She is a whiny little thing unless she is being cuddled, meowing her tiny little heart out while trying to climb my pants leg if I am not holding her or on the floor playing with her.   She is fortunate to be in a household of women, someone is always feeling sorry for her and getting her from my room to love on her.  She will be spoiled rotten if she isn’t already.

I know very little about kittens and rely a lot on my daughter’s knowledge from vet tech school and work.  I do know for something so tiny she leaves a very strong stench in her litter box!  I’m cleaning it out daily and hopeful it is the worms giving her this lovely aroma or the fact that she is a baby and adjusting to kitten food.  She is a rescue case, her mama gave birth in a sewer and left her babies.  The little kittens made so much noise they drew attention and were retrieved and bottle fed, then weaned just recently.  Pixel’s bed is fur lined and she instinctively tries to nurse at the side of her bed, pawing the side and rooting in the fur to find a nipple.  She never finds one but sucks on the fur lining, purring, then curls up and sleeps.  Breaks my heart that she started life so rough but she is now a Diva and will be properly treated.

Noel, the big cat in the house, isn’t yet sure what she thinks of Pixel.  Sometimes she appears to be trying to get her to play, other times she has her pinned to the floor with the kitten’s entire head in her mouth or strangling her.  We have to watch this closely so she doesn’t hurt the baby.  If looks could kill Pixel would have gone to kitty heaven on day one, Noel glares at her when Pixel invades her litter box or water bowl.  It is amusing to watch the innocent actions of Pixel cause such jealous rage in Noel.

Sleep has been interrupted every night so far as Pixel wakes up next to me and thinks it is time to play.  She paws and nibbles my fingers and chin and if that doesn’t work crawls up the pillow and plays with my hair. The minute she sees my eyes open she meows and pounces.   During the night she has no fear of sliding off the edge of the bed to get food or use her litter box, then sits and meows til  I pick her up and put her back in the bed with me where she makes an attempt at play time again. Eventually she gives up and snuggles up against my chest to sleep.

If I leave the room she is hot on my heels.  When I shower in the morning I close my door so she isn’t roaming freely through the house unattended. She sits at the door meowing at the top of her tiny lungs until I come back.  This morning my niece tried putting her in her lap at her vanity while getting ready for school but Pixel wanted me.  She wasn’t happy unless she was curled up against me and sadly I had to get ready for work so that didn’t go so well.  When I was sitting on the floor trying to put my shoes on and play with her one last time, she tried to climb in my shoe.   She is so small she would fit nicely into my size 8 gym shoes.

For such a tiny little Pixel, she is making a big impact on my life and heart, I just adore this little cutie!  Yesterday one of  my brothers Tweeted asking if she gets fat will I be changing her name to Mega-Pixel. I admit, that is funny and I just might, though I have no intention of letting her get chubby!  Her first vet appointment is Saturday so we give her a good start with vaccines and a check up.  Guess she will be impacting my wallet along with me heart.  Right now I am sure my friend, Krista, is grinning and laughing at how easily Pixel has turned me into a cat lover. (stop laughing, and yes I’ll bring her to visit aunt Krista soon)

Someone thought they could keep me home from work by getting in my shoe.