Rosie Sow

The Diva Den has a new member, Rosie Sow.  Rosie is a ceramic pink piggie bank, sporting a tutu and a tiara.  In the midst of the moving hoopla over the weekend my sister and Jeanne were at Target in search of needed items when Jeanne spied Rosie lounging on a shelf.  Because Rosie is decked out as a Diva they felt she was needed in the household.  We all agree she is a perfect fit. She was given the place of honor on the kitchen counter next to the coffee maker.

Now I need to be up front, Rosie is my personal name for our counter top royalty, we have not all agreed to a name for her as of yet because we’ve just been too busy getting settled.   I hope the other chicks don’t mind but she needed a name for the blog and calling her a pig just seemed rude, and we in the Diva Den are all about positive reinforcement and supportive words and all against negative energy or tearing each other down. We are  our own greatest support network and Rosie being a part of the team she needs to be treated with respect.  Besides she has a tiara which makes her a princess like the rest of us in the palace so Rosie it is.

The original purpose for Rosie was all loose change would be fed to her and over time we’d build up quite the savings to be put toward a yet to be determined goal.   We have a household emergency account set up so we will probably use the sow savings for something fun.  Either way Rosie is quickly putting weight on her ham hocks as each day we all add any left over change from our pockets and purses to her tummy.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that in the this household we say ‘fuck’ a lot.  We get it, not a lady like word but hey, we’re Divas, we do what we want when we want.  Mom noticed over these past few days that we have a lot of little kids in the neighborhood, several living on either side of us.  The houses are not on top of each other, there is good distance between, but the little tykes trek through the back yard to each others to play.  Inside the house we really cannot hear much room to room as the house is very large,  and the walls have great insulation that buffers the noise quite well.  However if you walk around the house, as mom did,  you will hear a good deal as you pass under windows.   This means those adorable children are unwillingly enrolled in Cursing 101.  We all know we need to eliminate the F-bomb from our vocabulary and now we have good reason to make it a goal.  Let these kids parents educate them in swearing, we need to set a better example.

Mom decided that every time one of us drops the big F word, we should have to deposit  50 cents in Rosie.  At the rate my sister and I let that one fly we could fatten pinkie up to her tiara in a week!  In fact just yesterday my sister walked out and fed Rosie $5 to cover her extensive use of the big bad word.  I managed to squeak by on $1.   We all agreed to come up with a more acceptable expression and now Farkle (a favorite game for many of us on Facebook) has become the substitute for “fuck” in our house.  We Divas know that if Farkle is used it is a big curly tailed deal, but the neighbor kids won’t be taking home any new words that might get them a time out on the naughty step.

To go along with her new status as the language monitor Rosie has been elevated to the top of the refrigerator.  We needed her spot on the counter for the toaster and frankly she looks more appropriate up high looking down on us all keeping watch over our phraseology and reminding us that too many trips to the contents of the fridge and we’ll start rounding out like our little pink porker.

Rosie Sow

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