Divas Uncorked

FINALLY the big move is finished!  There is some minor  cleaning and a few odds and ends to be tossed out at mom’s old house, but we are done!!!

Yesterday we must have made a thousand trips up and down dozens of steps, hauled countless, over stuffed boxes and then put things away until we simply could not move anymore last night.  We sat down to a dinner of fried chicken,  green beans, mashed potatoes and biscuits from KFC and you would have thought it was a 5 star dinner, we were SO hungry but no one realized it until we started eating.  Then last night we waited for Sarah to get home from work and shared a bottle of  wine.  Earlier my sister and Jeanne went to the store and Jeanne found a bottle of wine made for our first evening – Divas Uncorked: By Sisters Who Sip.  And it  was GOOD!   We all finally fell into our beds exhausted beyond words.

First thing this  morning my sister-in-law, Christy, and my niece, Dee Dee, came over and made breakfast for us.  They brought the waffle iron and those waffles were wonderful!  My daughter came over too to have breakfast, it was so nice to all be together.  Then we finished putting  away contents of boxes,  again ran up and down countless steps, hauling, unpacking and then cleaning up behind ourselves.  Multiple trips to Target and the grocery store and finally it looks and feels like home!  🙂   Throughout the moving  process we have seen wonderfully good karma all over everything from furniture fitting perfectly into intended places to unbelievable sales on needed items. It felt so good when I got tired last night to just go to bed, not have to pack up my laptop and leave to sleep away from the women I’m drawing so much strength from.

The most amazing part by far is that throughout this weekend I did not shed a tear, did not even have a sad moment!  In fact last night we toasted “welcome home” to us all and I feel like  this has been  the way it has always been.  My room is beautiful, the new bedding and new desk is outstanding.  I woke up in the middle of the  night and felt absolutely like I was finally home again and okay, it was such a peaceful moment.

The Divas are now uncorked!