Dessert First

I had a friend, Janie, that used to say if you went out to dinner some place fancy you should order dessert first.  Her reasoning was that the dessert in most 4 or 5 star places is usually the best part, and you wouldn’t want to choke on your meal and die having missed dessert.  I always loved her way of thinking, go for the best part first!

A number of years ago my husband and I were kinship foster parents to 4 kids.  My cousin is a navel officer and his wife lost parental rights over their kids and he was heading to Iraq for a year.  We took in the kids who were 2, 4, 5 and 8 at the time.  The year was tough at times, rewarding at others.  4 little kids with a lot of emotional baggage but I won’t go in to that.  We tried our best to offer a home full of love, stability and FUN!  We had all kinds of special weekly ‘events’ like Crazy Hair Day – a day to wear your hair totally crazy just because we could.  The 2 girls sporting 8 or 10 pig tails all over their heads, the boys with their hair spiked up on end.  Some days were jammie days, we stayed in our pajamas the entire day, again just because we could.  Fridays were always a hit though! I worked 3 days a week at the time, 12.5 hour days, so I could have Monday and Friday off while they were with us.  Fridays we had Turkey Surprise for breakfast.  Their dad had called chocolate chip pancakes Wild Turkey Surprise and I wanted to keep their connection to him as much as possible so that was the Friday breakfast, only I would jokingly call it Turkey Poop Surprise.  Friday nights were always movie night, everyone in their jammies then popcorn and a movie starting at 8pm.  But the best part of Friday was Dessert First night.  On Fridays we always had dessert first, and if you did not eat all of your dessert you were not permitted to have dinner.  This was one night the kids absolutely loved beyond all the other fun and believe me even the 2yo knew what night was Dessert First.   It didn’t take long for us to realize that there was no need to make dinner those nights, rarely did anyone actually eat their dinner. I learned much during that year, and one of the things I learned was from Dessert First.  Go for the best, most important part first!

This weekend the Drama Divas will have the keys to our new home.  Saturday morning we will receive the keys, the current occupants are moving Thursday and want to clean on Friday so we can move into a clean home.  With any luck things will fall into place and the movers will be able to move us on Saturday.  We are ALL excited!

Originally I had wanted the first night for me and my sister.  This was mostly just because I want to get out of the house I share with my ex and I cannot wait so I don’t care if I am sleeping on the floor alone, I just want OUT.  My sister said she was going with me so I wasn’t alone, which I love her to pieces for doing.  We all had planned to paint our bedrooms before we all moved in the house.  But now I’m thinking why wait?  Sure we can paint easier with empty rooms, no doubt about that.  However we can still paint with the furniture there it will just be a bit more work.  The best part of this move is all of us being under one roof together without me having to leave each night and sleep else where.  To finally all be under one roof as one happy family.  I talked to mom on the drive in this morning and assured her that all of us moving in is way more important than painting or being there with my sister, it is all of us girls together that is the best part – our dessert first.  The painting and decorating is secondary to us all being together for me, so I want my cake first.  None of us have rooms currently in colors we cannot manage for a few days until the new paint goes up on the walls.

Hopefully mom can find a reputable mover that can get us moved in this Saturday.  Then Saturday night when Sarah is home from work, we’ll open up a bottle of wine (we need to find a special one for this occasion with a very special name suited to the event) and we will have our dessert first, our first night all under one roof together.  We’ll wake up Sunday morning for the first time in the Diva’s Den/Estrogen Tank, have coffee and breakfast together in our new house all together.  The rest, the painting and decorating,  is just extra icing on our cupcake, for now we’d just like that cupcake!

**additional sprinkles on my cupcake:  My new laptop shipped and estimated delivery is this Friday. My bedding shipped this morning!!!! **

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  1. I really enjoy your blogs, Marti! You write from your heart, even if it’s only half there at the moment, and you are very articulate and funny and wise and wised- a**ed! You should write a book from these, go on the book tour, make tons of $$, it would be made for tv or a movie (Think Sex and the City), you would find Mr. Big (not necessary, but icing on that honey bun!), you would introduce me to Big’s handsome brother (uncle, cousin, grandpa – you cougar, you!), we’d live next door in our beach houses………….

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