Marvi Marti’s Favorite Things…

In no particular order, these are a few of my favorite things…

My family


Lavender roses

Dark chocolate

Candy corn & roasted peanuts mixed

Mounds Bars

Nestle Toll House chips

The smell of lilacs

Chubby  little baby feet

Yorkie puppies

Mich Ultra

Bud Select 55


Rescue Me

Farkle on Facebook

Mafia Wars on Facebook



My teddy bear

The number 13

Snuggling in a hammock


Scented candles (Wood Wick specifically)

UDF Eggnog shakes at Christmas

Captain Crunch With Crunch Berries

Clothes warm from the dryer

Thick blankets when it is cold

Summer time


Sleeping in

The sounds of the ocean

Flavored coffee


Pinks and purples

Bengals football


  1. My Mario for as long as he’ll have me:)
    My children
    Me mommy”)
    Ma seester (she knows which one) 😉 Uh…both”)LOL
    My brudder-boy
    A clean home as long as I don’t have to clean it..AS IF!

    • Gads, didn’t realize I had to list 25:( I can , but these are the ones that matter…IN THAT ORDER.:)chocolate would never make my list unless it’ white, square, from Shilito’s and a quarter, lol
      Yeah, I’m old.

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